Thursday, May 30, 2013

Conquering Crochet Friday - Winter Slippers

This week one morning, my little girl ran out of bed towards me, telling me she was "sooo cold!"  Her little bare feet on the cold floor was not helping.... I felt a smidge of guilt as I looked down at my warm felted slippers.....then it occurred to me that I could crochet a pair for her!

I had a really good look for an easy to follow pattern and one that was size adjustable.

I settled on the Minni slippers pattern from the Tuuma&Toimi blog as it's construction was nice and starts with a adjustable ring and works in the round, then back and forth till you get the length of the foot.
Then I added this bow to each, which made my little girly girl smile.
She's smitten and now like the bunnies from last week, I have a list of orders from the boys...minus the bows.

And guess what? Remember the gorgeous Cape from my wish list last week....Louanna from NZ Green Buttons had already made one for her daughter last year, and she kindly sent the pattern to me this week ( along with some gorgeous postcards of hers ) 
I think I might need to make that Skeinz order....
or maybe I'll win it here?

And since winter has well and truly hit, here are some other slippers you could make to keep your own tootsies warm..

 Aren't they cute?? and a bit of fun! and they also come in toddler and big kids sizes

And if that's not you're thing how about these...

Both patterns are by the same lady, infact check out all of her patterns here.....they're all just as lovely

Or you may like a pair of Mary Jane's

And maybe if you're feeling generous.....
a pair of loafers for your man

And because I just can't resist 
here's a cute pair of baby loafers too :)


Leanne M said...Best Blogger Tips

Again, colour choice is spot on. The bows look so cute. I can't say that I am a fan of the men's crocs - although I am tempted to make some to give as a joke for my husband :).

Susan C. said...Best Blogger Tips

Well you are well on the way to conquering your crochet, I love the slippers....all of them. Love the bows and ,the fact the boys were adamant about their lack of such. :-)

Anonymous said...Best Blogger Tips

The slippers are so cool! Love them. Looking forward to being at that level 'cause I think me and my girl need some of these :)

becclebee said...Best Blogger Tips

those are so sweet - no wonder your little one loved them!

nz green buttons said...Best Blogger Tips

glad the pattern arrived! Those slippers are super cute!

Leonie said...Best Blogger Tips

Slipper are on my to-do list! These looks awesome :) am going to be back for the pattern link!

Johanna said...Best Blogger Tips

Hi Laura!

Your Minni slippers turned out so lovely and cute!

Did you spot my Mikki slippers in Ravelry, an adaptation for a bit more masculine taste?

Greetings from the warmer (at the monent) side of the globe :)


MissMollyCoddle said...Best Blogger Tips

Wow! Love them, and love the bedspread too. Well done :)

Stacey Knight said...Best Blogger Tips

soo sweet!

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