Thursday, June 6, 2013

Show and Tell - Shorts, Shorts and More Shorts

7 Boys Shorts finished...Phew!!!

Two each for the eldest two, and three for my youngest

Some with pockets and some without...

Alot of mixing and matching to eeek out the fabric yardage....
but I like that look

And even a pair that I made to my eldest's design...(they love to be involved)

So there you go, seven pairs to replace their depleting wardrobe supply as they grow out of, split seams and rips holes out of a very worn out selection of hand me downs.

I have a long list of items I need to replace, and slowly but surely everytime I hang out another wash load of clothes, the homemade clothes are slowly taking's such an awesome feeling counting the items I made with my own hands, hanging on the line!

And is it me or do store bought clothes fall apart far too quickly?? 
I suspect the stitch length....
some are almost close to a basting stitch! 
I'm over it....and at $6-8 materials cost per short, it's well and truly worth my time :))

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Schulz Family said...Best Blogger Tips

These are awesome. Great pattern you are using. Do you have a pattern number or did you draft it?

Bless by Tone said...Best Blogger Tips

I bet they are so happy with the shorts! Good job!

Leonie said...Best Blogger Tips

Great stuff Laura - love the that you also made things to design spec! Yes, bought clothes... Ive been cutting up and repurposing some of useless ones lately - very satisfying :)

Leanne M said...Best Blogger Tips

I am impressed, these look store-bought! Actually, they are better than store-bought, because they are one of a kind. Well done!

Hootnz said...Best Blogger Tips

@Schulz Family Sorry forgot to mention the pattern was from the Ottobre Design Magazine Spring 1/2010 and pattern 35 Relaxed outerwear pants.
I used this as a base for the pattern and then changed a few elements like eliminating the front fly ( made a faux fly instead ) I did a elastic waist all the way around and changed up the back pockets :)))

Anonymous said...Best Blogger Tips

I would be happy with shorts like that myself! great job!

Amber Heidi said...Best Blogger Tips

These are awesome! Every one! I do love seeing the handmades in the laundry, it's such a great feeling :)
Heidi @

hollymayb said...Best Blogger Tips

They look so cool! You did a great job! Did you buy a pattern or make it up?

kate said...Best Blogger Tips

you are just too clever! I am inspired... xx

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