Knit Knit Purl

I learnt to knit at a young age under the tuition of my lovely Nana, but back then, I never really enjoyed it as much as my cross stitch and so it wasn't until I was due with my first baby that I picked up the needles again.....completing a tiny jumper that never actually fitted!
....followed by a very ambitious fair isle jacket. 
This was a success, but I was using my mother in laws itchy wool, and it didn't get much wear.
 ....then number two and number three child came along all within a very short time and knitting was the last thing on my mind.

So it wasn't until I found out that I was expecting a girl, that knitting made a comeback, going from strength to strength as I've learnt as many new techniques I can....and I'm still learning.

Here I have compiled a list of a few projects I've made since blogging,
and you can find a few more on my Ravelry for all my little girls new born knits, they are a mere memory...handed down to keep other little babies warm.





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