Friday, November 8, 2013

Mudsliding and life....

Hello there, I took a longer break than I expected
but then again I didn't expect to be so overwhelmed with how busy life has become.

We've had pet and show days...earthworks... building...Beekeeping lessons....worm farms started....

rock walls endless amount of seedlings planted, impromptu dinner parties.....the list goes on and on

And there doesn't seem to be a week that there isn't at least a couple of appointments thrown into the mix aswell.
Recent revelations about my little girl had shaken things up too 
and threw me off track for a while.


 It's sent us down a different path than I imagined for her 

 But I feel like I'm nearly at peace with it.

 These challenges that my children will face in life is not what I imagined for them and not what I would have chosen either
But one thing I do have the choice of, is creating a childhood which is fun, secure and loving.

This is why we moved here, to be closer to my mum, closer to nature and by pure chance we got to be part of a awesome neighbourhood to boot!

This is my life, its hectic, challenging, chaotic, but full with lots of fun moments which is just what I did imagine for my kids.

These are photos from today...with a little bit of rain this week we decided to have a dam christening mud slide party!  We invited the neighbours.....but I think the idea of the clean up may have put them off.......clay everywhere!!!

No worries though, tonight they're coming over for our bonfire night.......bangers on the BBQ bangers in the sky and marshmallows toasting on the bonfire :)
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