Monday, November 22, 2010

Milk Bottles, Who knew they could be so much fun?

Another morning and another empty milk bottle......
To Lil Misses excitement, within her reach!

So before milk dregs ended up of the floor, I grabbed it of her and washed it out to put in the recycling......

but then I stopped and looked at the very upset and dissapointed girl on the floor at my feet. 

And made her happy

First on the agenda, empty the bottle!


Second: Make loud noises

Third... Drink!

( Love the double chin )

Last of all try to grab mums camera...

Its posts like these, which really makes me wish I had started blogging earlier, so that I could have written posts like these when the boys were younger... might have to dig out some old photos!

Friday, November 19, 2010


Boy did I get a nice surprise today!

I was featured on Living with Punks, today for my version of her  
I (heart) my state tutorial

I have only been blogging for just a couple of months, so I feel honoured that one of my favourite blogs chose my onesie to be featured

Yay for me!!!
( excuse me for bragging, couldn't help it )

If you haven't checked out her blog yet, I suggest you do..
there are some great crafty ideas, one of which I want to tackle next
the Land of Nod Inspired floor cushion, I'm thinking Christmas pressies for the boys?!

Spring Angel?

 Our huge cherry blossom tree has been dropping its blooms this week, it has been covering everything.  I can't hang out the washing without some blossoms making their way back inside....

And again, like every year, it has covered the ground in a sea of petals

Mike thought it looked like a spring snow and had the following idea

Spring Angels?

( love this photo, it shows Little J to a tee! He is such a cheerful and giggly boy )

When I looked at our huge cherry blossom in bloom this year, I couldn't help but think.... will it be the last time we see this brilliant show?  
I hope so......
Afterall that would hopefully mean, we were on our land..... ahhh daydreams..... Although I will miss it!

Anyway this was all from last weekend, so I am pretty delayed in writing this post up, because I have been really busy knitting up a storm.  Mostly for Christmas gifts, and a couple for Lil Miss.

I am joining in on a Mystery Knit on Ravelry with Tikki see here 
( you have to sign up to see this link, if you love knitting and haven't joined yet.... do it is so worth it! )

I have been knitting Sorello, which is the girl version, and I can't wait to see how it looks once finished, here is it at the moment

Plus I casted on another knit while waiting for the next clue, this will be finished hopefully in the next couple of weeks for Lil Miss to wear for the cooler days.... although the weather has been great without fail lately..

I have finished one knit and currently have 3 on the needles... madness!

And......Warning if you have a fear of spiders, don't look!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

First Steps

Yay Lil Miss took her first steps


( okay so I am a bit delayed in documenting this one )

And the best thing is that both Mike and I witnessed it.

I am so happy that Mike got to witness it, because as Dads
who work, they can miss so much....
So GOOD GIRL! you timed it well.

She is also climbing up on everything! Didn't expect
that since she is so young still, but I guess they all have had their different milestones.

It has been great today as she has become more confident taking more and more steps... she is really determined to master it. 
It has also been great as a family, because the boys have really enjoyed encouraging her and marvelling in her first steps..... Lovely
I had a big grin on my face the whole time!

The enjoyments of being a parent!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Another Surgery and a Lovely Weekend

I know that title sounds a bit odd to casually put the two together, but that is exactly what the past weekend was.  Middle B had a day surgery on Friday, another set of grommets. 
This was a straightforward operation, but my poor boy was just not wanting to go through with it this time.  He went all quiet just before it was time to go in to the operating theatre, and he kept telling me that he didn't want to wear the mask that puts you to sleep.  The anathetist suggested a sedative to make him relax, well I can tell you, once that kicked in it was quite amusing listening to his ramblings. 
I had a very drunk 6 1/2 yrs old on my hands.....  poor kid, his last surgery was a large one and only a few months ago, so I guess it was quite fresh in his mind. 
He really amazes me, with all he has to encounter, he is one brave kid.

Once we got back to Mums, we all waited for it to get dark and the family across the road came over with their kids and we lit the fireworks.  The kids had a great time running around the house till 11pm! 

Anyway the next day, we went to the local school fair, and I got a chance to take some photos of the new tops that I made Lil Miss...........

I  made up a pattern from another top that lil miss has, and I am really happy with the way they turned out...
Loving the owl fabric, I will be using this again

First day in the sand for Lil Miss

She enjoyed herself, taste tasting as she crawled along....

The boys really enjoyed themselves aswell......

punching the water.... boys!

testing the sand for walking....

All and all a great weekend for all!

Ofcourse I will be linking this to
Make it wear it at the Train to Crazy Thursdays

Monday, November 1, 2010

Its becoming a morning ritual

Lately Lil Miss has figured out what interesting things lurk on the kitchen table, side tables etc....
She also has a regular routine of finding the bowls of unfnished weetbix, which are just within her reach......

Trying to get every last morsel!

I chased her around the floor

But mostly she chased me  ( loves the camera )

Her hair is getting so long now, I have to make some more of these..

Dress Finished ! Yay!

Well, I finally finished my dress, so I am a happy girl.

Its not perfect, but it is wearable... the photos could be better but, I only had my nearly 7 yr old to take them, so there wasn't much to choose from, that and I tried aswell, but most of mine ended up being cleavage shots because of the angle.... I think you get the idea.... anyway here it is.....

Man I need a tan!!!

I ended up using a pattern from the Sew U Home Stretch book by Wendy Mullins.  Though, I slashed and cut the pattern as suggests to get what I wanted.  Once I sewed it together I found that I had to take a further two inches of the bodice for it to sit where I wanted it to be, though I am wondering whether next time I should just take a pattern from a dress that I like, rather than do this method? not sure.

I used a denim knit for the dress and a stretch lace as detail on the bodice, see close up below

Next on the list is probably drafting a A line skirt using the book Design it your own clothes by Cal Patch, just have to find some linen or cotton fabric... maybe next time I go to Auckland.
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