Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter Hunt 2013

 This Easter was extra special as we got to spend it at Mum's, with my brother, my sister in law and our two nephews.
And plotting the course for this years Easter Hunt was even better with 5 adults taking part.........infact that was my favourite part
We all came up with locations that the kids were familiar with and then clues were made and left at each location along with a easter egg for each child

And as always Mike did a great job coming up with the rhymes and riddles

which have got trickier every year

This one was " Like Alice in Wonderland....down the hole you must go"
It took them a while to remember this tree with the big hole at its roots.....we hid six bunnies there

And with lots of land we took full advantage of spreading out the hunt......
We had to make them work for their bounty!
We had them looking in sheds

 and climbing up trees

....and most of all the rule was no one was allowed to run ahead....they all had to work as a team
All up it took the best part of an hour .....I love having big family get togethers, watching the cousins play with each other and annoying my big brother! Such fun!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Show and Tell - Retro Flashback

I'll forgive you if you thought I have joined in on the wrong linky....and technically this could be an Op-Shop Show off, since the fabric is an old sheet I scored last week.

 That's right I made this....
Out of necessity, as the birds had been living above the 
bath for a few months.  
I was sick of cleaning up their scattered seeds over the hair etc...but having them over the bath wasn't that much more appealing either....neither was having to wash down the bath each time we used it!
So the only other option was a......what would you call it? 
a bird cage shower cap??   
I had big plans to turn this necessary item into something more appealing, say retro turned en vogue! okay maybe not
   With this in mind I decided to use a big piece of Heather Bailey fabric.....but that ended up being a disaster (cut it way too short)  that and my finger!

First time ever I cut my finger with a rotary cutter!

So retro sheet wasn't exactly my first choice....and as feared it's ended up looking more retro than I intended.
And though it goes well with the sailing boat wallpaper...
it doesn't really gel with the rest of our stuff!    

So either I change it ( doubt I will! )
or I start sewing up more retro/vintage accessories to help this shower cap ( I decided to name it that now ) blend into the background!!!

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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Moving on to BlogLovin

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It's time for changes around here and like many others I've also made the move to Bloglovin
Google Reader is shutting down on July 1st.  So if you haven't already made the move....give it a go
I have to say I actually prefer the layout and wish I knew about it earlier.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Autumn Bounty and feeling motivated

Mikes back....and I'm back from Mum's
We're back as a family unit...atleast for now anyway.

Straight away Mike has started to tackle tasks that I've let slide......
I came back from taking the kids to tennis when I was greeted by a table full of pumpkins, chicken soup on the stove and bread rising in the oven..

There's nothing like a hot soup and buttered bread to really make you feel like hunkering down for the cold weather....

There's been a few nights where I've felt the need to get the knitting needles out again..... but everytime I visited the house to water the seedlings and check on the animals, I would look past the many flowers setting seed, and plants needing my attention...putting it off to another day.

With Mike here now...and having him already finished one of my things on my to do list....I felt the urge to get started on the sunflowers.....which after lunch became a whole family affair.....

and what started with the sunflowers soon followed with seed from the Hollyhocks, Cornflowers and Mike sowing more Coriander.

Mike and I really work well as a team....but apart? not so well.
Today's a good example, he jump started me out of my hiatus...and now my mind is full of plans for this new season.....meanwhile building is occupying Mikes every thought as the garage/office is near to becoming a reality.

Tonight we'll be dropping the kids off at Mums, and heading to friends for the night, it's a chance to wear my new dress (just finished), to show off my new hair do.....and a night away with no children ... something we haven't done since the two of us became 6...... ummmn bliss!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Op Shop Show Off - Fabric Haul

Last week I visited my local oppy again, and came away with these 
bundles......grey rib, which always come in handy.....some brown check, which I'm thinking boys shorts.....and some polka dot black sweatshirt material....which I thought would make a great pair of winter trackies for Lil Miss

Then there are some MORE vintage pillowcases.....and they are the  sole reason I ventured in, as a sign at the door lured me in ......" Two pillowcases for 50cents"~!  Score!

And then to top it off, there was this house coat.....picked for its fabric and not for its purpose, but since I got it home and tried it on, it fits like a glove and I kinda like it's retro I am in two minds about this one.

All up the whole lot cost me 4.50......It would have been 3.50, as the black polkadot was an afterthought.
 I rushed back to the shop to snap it up.....the lady said 1 dollar, so I handed her a two dollar, waiting for change...but when she didn't give me any change back, I didn't have the heart to tell her.....
afterall it is a charity shop and a complete bargain :)

And while I was photographing my apron, I thought I would show you a couple of aprons which you can often find my mum wearing around the house.   They were my Nana's, but since mum's arrival in the country, they have made a come back in her day to day life

The first one I love simply for the fabric design....its so groovy.....definately the 70's.....not the most flattering, but practical which is what you would expect

The second is from the 50's, and Mum has fond memories of her mum wearing this in the kitchen......I love those dogs!

But the question is did anyone notice the cute tablecloth in the first two photos?

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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Upcycled Shirred Dress from Pyjama Pants

I have a pile of fabric waiting to be cut out for shorts...but this little project jumped the queue on Thursday

 What started life as a pair of pyjama pants
( They were her aunties...they got caught on a nail which ripped a gaping hole in the buttocks! )

Became a idea to upcycle and reuse this gorgeous cotton
They were promptly rescued from the rubbish bin at Christmas and since then have sat folded in my to do pile......the fact that it hasn't taken more than two years to actually reuse it, is a miracle in itself!

I started Thursday deconstructing between dinner and homework and by that night I had two rectangles cut and ready to go

Friday afternoon I started, and by the evening I had finished sewing the straps into a bow.....I reused the pjay ties to make the straps and mum suggested to turn the dangling ends at the back into a bow!

Which is my favourite part.
though tonight I'm going to tack the bow a bit....make it a bit more perky  

I'm also pleased with the shirring, I decided to make a casing at the top for elastic, so it wouldn't have a frill...something I learnt in the Gerties Book for Better Sewing.

Lil Miss loves it too, she's really starting to enjoy the outfits she wears each day....and got incredibly excited when she tried this one on......not the first time when it had pins in it though!!! 

I also made it shirred so that she can wear it next summer, 
and maybe even the next?  
For now though I love it as a little maxi dress.  And the length doesn't stop her from having fun...

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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Scrap Bag Swap 2013 and Wallet to Tote

First off I want to say thankyou to everyone for all the lovely words you left behind from my last post.
I've listened and have been taking things slow and putting my feet up.......its a work in progress x

During my time out, I've been stitching to soothe my soul and I have created this tote for my Scrap bag swap recipient.

But it's a tote with a twist!

You can fold it up, and zip it into a little pouch..

complete with a little pocket.....could be a good place for a few tissues?

I made this with my recipient in mind... being a busy mum I thought this little tote would be the perfect addition thrown into the bottom of her bag......ready for use when the occasion arises.  
And did you note I used some of the fabric from those pillowcases I scored recently?

As for the pattern I've had it pinned to my pinterest board for a while now.  Its by Lorraine from Ikat bag ....
and this was the perfect opportunity to finally try the 
It is very well written and there are loads of pictures to help you through the process )

As for the little bird, another pinterest pin.....
This sweet free embroidery pattern came from Gennines Art blog
which you can find here.

I decided to use different shades of grey with a pop of golden brown, keeping it simple against the lemony floral background.

And then there are the goodies I've stashed inside....

Loads of retro prints and vintage floral scraps.....complete with a selection of vintage laces I've collected over the years...
since the pic, I added a few more fabrics......
I'm crossing fingers that when she opens the package she'll be pleasantly surprised :)

I can't wait to receive mine!!!!

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