Thursday, May 9, 2013

Conquering Crochet Friday

Welcome to Conquering crochet Friday

What is it all about?
Well ever since I was introduced to crochet by my 
Mother in law (granny square royalty!),
 I have yearned to learn the art of Crochet.
Being a lefty, I struggled with it, trying to learn from my MIL as a righty, just wasn't I gave up in disgust.
Instead I admired it from a far, wishing one day I'd get over my cack handedness ( yip! made up a word ) and conquer the world of all things crochet!

Fast forward several years, and a growing wish list of 
crochet projects later, 
I've finally developed my own way.....apparently I hold the hook like a knife ( very back to front ) and slowly but surely I'm getting the hang of this hookin.

But apparently I'm not the only one....I see there's alot of you out there, picking up your hooks and giving it go like me.....
so that's where " Conquering Crochet Friday " comes into play.

Every Week I will be writing a post, about my latest crochet project, tips I've learnt, and projects I'm coveting to complete one day!!
Maybe I could even rope in our local Crochet gurus to give up their trade secrets??? I loved to know what you think.....

Until then, here for the first week is a headband or three I made

Cute isn't it!
To be honest, I've made a bunch of these flowers before, a couple years back when I first started conquering took a number of attempts though, before I got the hand of it, and like riding a bike I haven't forgotten.

You too, can find the pattern from Rose Hip Blog here, I made this with just the two repeats of petals, unlike the three on the pattern.

And for the headband itself...
I started with three equal lengths of chain stitch plaited together to form the band....which you can see below on my first headband 

It was okay, but I wanted to improve on this so I made another, this time chaining 61 chains, and single crocheting into each chain....starting with the second chain from the hook.
When I got to the end I chained 1, and single crocheted another row, same as the previous.  
And yes it looked nice.......but I had trouble making it using a crochet technique I learnt last week where on the first row you crochet into the bumps/back bar on the back of the chain st, which in turn creates a nice chain edge to the band.  See the below video for a explanation

So I tried again, this time using a 5mm hook to do my foundation chain and a 4mm to do the single crochet...this was so much easier and I only needed to do one row! And here's my third and final headband


For now atleast......I can see this being my go to girl present when I'm in the need of something cute in a hurry..
 Below you can see how I made the headband stretchy

I used a 1/4 inch elastic, tied it into a loop and then tied that loop in half again to stabilise it.....then I sewed the headband loops over the elastic ends.....attached the flower, and voila.... one cute headband!
So the question is who want's to join me on my quest?? 
Do you?



Leanne M said...Best Blogger Tips

Oh. My. God. Do I want to see more???!!! Of course! This is just about the best idea ever and that headband is so cute. I'm a lefty too and I taught myself to do it righthanded using online tutorials because it seemed like every video was being demonstrated by right-handers. I'd love to learn more tips and tricks. You go, girl!

Schulz Family said...Best Blogger Tips

This is very cool. A quick easy girl present. yah

clare said...Best Blogger Tips

You want to check out Louana's blog (nz green buttons) she's doing some crochet tutorial kinda stuff AND I think she's a lefty too!

Max said...Best Blogger Tips

i shall be following with interest. crochet will be the first thing on my list to learn when i get a bit more time. the headband is absolutely beautiful.
happy weekend x

Leonie said...Best Blogger Tips

So many lefties! Not me though :) but hubby is ... Pity he doesn't crochet :p looking forward to seeing your tricks of the trade!

Tracy Joyner said...Best Blogger Tips

Hey you lefty ladies~
I'm not a lefty but I can only imagine what you deal with trying to learn ...
I've got leftie resources for you

The Crochet Guild of America has special instructions just for you:

Crochet Geek hasn’t “left” you out of her instructions either!

Anonymous said...Best Blogger Tips

Love the site, and thank you for sharing today.

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