Big Girl Sewing

I've always had a passion to sew, its in my blood and my family, my Mother, my great great Grandmother who ran a sweatshop in London, and her father who was a Tailor by trade, so really there was no way of escaping it!

My dream was always to be a fashion designer.... I was forever draping fabric on me and making up my own patterns....
lots of failures with a few successes....and many of my teen summer dresses were made by me and my mum.
When ball season came along each year, I would always make my own gown, often modifying and using two patterns together to get the desired effect. 

But when my children came along, my sewing changed alot.
With the introduction to quilting, my interests in sewing changed and it became more about furnishing our home than sewing for myself.

But in recent years with sewing more and more for my children, I thought it was about time that I started to sew for me.
Here I share the few garments that I have made, and I hope that this list will grow over time.

With this comes confidence in my skills and looks
which can only be a good thing!


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