Wednesday, March 21, 2012

We've Moved North

Well we have done it, we finally have moved north...said goodbye to the comfort of a large roomy four bedroom bungalow to a two bedroom 56 sqm bach!

I have seen the last of the contractors, paid their bills and we are now a fully functioning household once again...
including internet!

Lil Miss has finally had a chance to try out her shiny new gumboots
( shiny no more! )

And I've had a couple of weeks of hanging my washing out like this

We're enjoying moments getting close and personal with the local lifestock

And Lil Miss is on a mission to befriend the cows and sheep.
But she doesn't quite get it that running after the sheep and shouting 'come here, come here', will just make them run away faster with a great urgency! lol

Out our back door we get to enjoy the ever changing views,
like a rainbow after a morning shower

And gorgeous sunny days

Stunning sunsets.... this photo does not do it justice


I'm also loving how you can see the rain roll in before it gets to you, it been a great heads up to get the washing in.

As for the boys....they have settled into school really well.
They are admist their school camps at the moment. 
 Little J had a overnight stay at the school,  and Big J has just had a 5 day camp!... Our last is for Middle B and which has been postponed till next week, due to all the flooding.

The school is lovely, and it reminds me alot of my days at Primary School.  They are just learning the joys of blisters from the monkey bars, collecting acorns and all the playground games I remember.
Makes me wonder what they did at the last school?

On the land, there has been plenty to keep them busy.... bird watching, cricket and grasshoppers to catch, tree's to climb and then there's the sheep to try and herd!
My little girl and I have been busy, going to every playgroup we hear of, and the other day I went to a cooking class (childcare provided )at the local organic shop.
Did you know if you sprout chickpeas, it only take 15mins to cook them?  I didn't even know you could sprout them!
 It's logical, but it didn't even enter my mind

On Monday Lil Miss and I went to the local quilting group, and left with big smiles on our faces and six phone numbers of members who live down my road... awesome!
I now have also been roped into garden club, and was asked if I liked to play bridge! lol

Although it's not all about smelling the roses.... there are alot of uncertainties in our future, a big one being work/income. 
We have made a huge gamble moving here... and there is alot of hard work in our future...but when you can see day to day that the rewards far weigh out any negatives, it's a no brainer for a happier , more fullfilled life.

 It's now time to roll up our sleeves and get stuck in :)

Sheep vs duck!  Complete coincedence that the duck was in the photo too! I didn't realise until I loaded it on my
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