Thursday, May 22, 2014

Fun LOUD and Practical

 Since reuniting with my beloved sewing machine, coupled with the luxury of being able to leave her out, I've enjoyed plodding along with a couple of projects in the last couple of weeks

 This fabric had been screaming out to me from 
the cabinet to be sewn with first! But what? 

I had many ideas floating around my head before I settled on this pair of pants

And during the whole process I thought, 
'what was I thinking!!' they're so LOUD!! 

But the moment I clipped that last thread and handed them to my girl with her over the top exclaimation "Oh I looove them!"
I knew I was on to a winner.

And they do reflect her gorgeous spirit so well

Although I do love to see my little girl dressed up in 
dresses and tights!, ( as she does too ) 
functionality is a must around these muddy parts,
 so a second pair was cut and ready to go this week.

This time with some opshop sweatshirt material 
I scored for a bargain price.....infact I could still smell the mothballs each time I ironed it!

Teamed with a bright pink tartan for some playfullness!

And apart from a couple of pairs of leggings and nighties needed for her wardrobe, shes pretty much set for those practical items so onwards and upwards to those fun dresses and skirts very soon I think....
picture me rubbing my hands together!

Pattern: Ottobre Magazine 1/2010 #17

Joining in finally! with Leonie :) from Sunshine x 3


Sunday, May 18, 2014

Hello again Sewing Machine - I've missed you!

Friday afternoon, and I found myself reacquainting myself with you again

I've lost track of how long it has been since I last threaded your needle!

I've been dreaming of this day for a very long time, the idea of us not having to share the kitchen table with food again seemed like a dream I daren't pin all my hopes on...

But yet here we are in our new space, although still shared, we do have this table to ourselves.

 I can leave you and all my mess spread out 
and visit you whenever I get a moment

Slowly I'm gathering my bits and pieces 
and arranging them how I please around you

And my trusty gumboots are to my side with remnants of a project near it's completion.

Oh how completely satisfying!
 I can breathe......

Sorry for the long hiatus my dear sewing machine.  
I promise I'll visit you more often from now on.
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