Friday, May 3, 2013

Playing a bit of a catch up

So it's been a number of weeks now since the 
Bloggers Conference in Christchurch,
but its now that I'm finally getting around to showing you my name badge I made for Fiona Marie
Before meeting each other in person, we had decided to create our badge and $5 present using recycled materials....which luckily fitted in well with what I had in mind...... 
Because Fiona is fond of embroidery, the mini hoop I had hanging around fitted the bill perfectly

Then I filled it with an embroidery of my own...her Pieced shop logo and her name, using vintage sheet fabric, keeping to the recycled ethos.....the only problem was when I popped a safety pin on the back it ended up looking like a third Fiona saved the day and popped it on to her crisis averted Phew!!!
For her $5 present, I decided to stick with the embroidery theme and make a needle book.... 
I'd never made one, so this was my chance.

Using some recycled denim and some grey felt I came up with this little design, it just came together as I went.

Including colouring it in with my fabric pens

And while I'm at it I can now show you another project I had been secretly working on.... this quilt block that I made for Sammys quilt which you can also read about here

There are also a few other things I've been making which I can't show yet,  and some other projects I have yet to photograph......until then here's a pic of my latest knitting project, yet it's grown quite considerably since I took it!

I intend in the next couple of days to show you some of the presents I received.....I was one very lucky girl :))


Schulz Family said...Best Blogger Tips

Very cool. Certainly looks like Fionamarie, love her website

Leonie said...Best Blogger Tips

Gorgeous Laura - loved the badges you two made and your gifts to each other were beautiful. Loved your block and looking forward to see your knitting! x

CHD said...Best Blogger Tips

Lovely collection. I love what you did for the name badge and the needle book is very sweet. I'm going to have to try to make it to the next conference. Looked fun. Cx

kate said...Best Blogger Tips

ohhh... i love what you made! Too clever! xx

Miriam said...Best Blogger Tips

not sure how I missed this post - these are gorgeous Laura I bet she was totally thrilled x

Sarah of 'Catching the Magic' said...Best Blogger Tips

Absolutely beautiful, so thoughtful and clever. I admire any craft work with needles, threads and wool as it isn't something I do. x

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