Saturday, August 16, 2014

New Kids on the Block!

Yesterday while Lil Miss and I enjoyed a lazy morning together without the extra noise the boys add to the mix, Mike and the boys went on a road trip to Auckland.

After waiting for a couple of months for the right time we finally found our long awaited and perfect additions to our little farm.

Meet our new Kids! 

This is Stella and she's pretty cool and calm just like her Carer Mr B and suits her name to a T!

 And here is Sally, the Smallest of our goats with the most striking features and colouring.....she absolutely loves a snuggle which is just fine by her Carer Big J who doesn't want to leave her alone!

The boys all made them finger knitted collars to tell them apart!
And Rosey just like her Carer Little J.  Shes curious and likes to get up to mischief whenever she can!

Here they are the two of them together!

And lastly Lil Misses goat which she so proudly announced was to be named 'Flower', just as mischievous as Rosey and loves to nibble on my jeans....Uh Oh!

I can see them being quite a lot of fun and no doubt a few headaches but even so a welcomed addition and a needed addition not only for their raw milk one day, but also for the calming effect they will have on our children

.....there is definitely something in what they say about the connection between animals and children and it couldn't be any truer with ours. 

 In 24 hours we have already seen and delighted in how it has changed the atmosphere in our house.....since the pigs, our dog and the lambs there was a void that needed to be filled and this seems to have hit the spot already!

Now to keep them healthy with home brewed Kombucha in their drinking water and their bottled Milk 50/50 with homemade yoghurt.......we absolutely cannot have another animal die on us again!!

Just in case anyone wants to know, they are Saanen Nubian crosses....good milking breeds.....Homemade feta one day!! Currently we're dairy and gluten free, so a little while yet!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Polkadot Pinafore with a side dressing of Life

This is the blog post where there is soooo much been happening in my life that I don't know even where to start!!

And to be honest I can't be bothered to either! Lets just say this year has been the most challenging and eye opening year I have had in a long time, I have cried so much over the stress of it all, I even reckon I invented a new type of cry where you scream and cry at the same time! 

Or quite likely I wasn't the first to have done that and it's just that I have never personally been pushed off the edge like this before.......parenting is hard! and when you throw in more complexities than usual, its hair pulling hard.

But things for the meantime seem eerily normal so I have a bit of a pep in my step....I feel like I'm bouncing around the place, skipping along and spreading happiness to those around me.....long may it last! And then today with a moment to steal for myself I finally felt like sharing on this space again.

So here's a darling dress I made for my little girl a couple of weeks ago during Kids Clothing Week...isn't she cute?!

 Its the Pinafore from the book Happy Homemade Sew Happy Chic, and I just love the flutter sleeves and the big vintage yellow buttons I got from my MIL's button jar.

I am quite taken with this book as all the patterns are nice and simple to make and have classical lines but with a lovely feminine twist.  

Plus there aren't a heap of pattern pieces to cut out, which is a refreshing change compared to the Ottobre Design Patterns that I am used to.

I have already made another garment from this book that I'm yet to sew buttons onto, which I must do, as I'm already itching to cut out another! I just have to decide which one!

Linking in with the Lovely Leonie from sunshine x 3

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Fun LOUD and Practical

 Since reuniting with my beloved sewing machine, coupled with the luxury of being able to leave her out, I've enjoyed plodding along with a couple of projects in the last couple of weeks

 This fabric had been screaming out to me from 
the cabinet to be sewn with first! But what? 

I had many ideas floating around my head before I settled on this pair of pants

And during the whole process I thought, 
'what was I thinking!!' they're so LOUD!! 

But the moment I clipped that last thread and handed them to my girl with her over the top exclaimation "Oh I looove them!"
I knew I was on to a winner.

And they do reflect her gorgeous spirit so well

Although I do love to see my little girl dressed up in 
dresses and tights!, ( as she does too ) 
functionality is a must around these muddy parts,
 so a second pair was cut and ready to go this week.

This time with some opshop sweatshirt material 
I scored for a bargain price.....infact I could still smell the mothballs each time I ironed it!

Teamed with a bright pink tartan for some playfullness!

And apart from a couple of pairs of leggings and nighties needed for her wardrobe, shes pretty much set for those practical items so onwards and upwards to those fun dresses and skirts very soon I think....
picture me rubbing my hands together!

Pattern: Ottobre Magazine 1/2010 #17

Joining in finally! with Leonie :) from Sunshine x 3


Sunday, May 18, 2014

Hello again Sewing Machine - I've missed you!

Friday afternoon, and I found myself reacquainting myself with you again

I've lost track of how long it has been since I last threaded your needle!

I've been dreaming of this day for a very long time, the idea of us not having to share the kitchen table with food again seemed like a dream I daren't pin all my hopes on...

But yet here we are in our new space, although still shared, we do have this table to ourselves.

 I can leave you and all my mess spread out 
and visit you whenever I get a moment

Slowly I'm gathering my bits and pieces 
and arranging them how I please around you

And my trusty gumboots are to my side with remnants of a project near it's completion.

Oh how completely satisfying!
 I can breathe......

Sorry for the long hiatus my dear sewing machine.  
I promise I'll visit you more often from now on.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Dear Penpals ( Bloggy Friends)

My mum has always found it hard to understand this blogging world, infact as some of you might know it's put her in a panic a few times when I've gone off to meet new bloggy friends. hehe

But recently I had the epiphany that really my bloggy friends are no different to the penpals back in the day.....the friendships just blossom online rather than on paper!

In fact I remember my mum setting me up with a Penpal! 
Shamefully it didn't last long due to my lack of writing.
But luckily having an online forum like blogging has enabled me to connect with many like minded people,
a lovely generous bunch of people.

And this past week and half has shown me yet again how awesome this community is!

Susan thank you so much for reaching out and sharing your story with me.  It has helped so much to know someone who has been in my position.

It was so exciting to receive your package last week and since then I have enjoyed a number of teas and hot drinks in this lovely cup.

I love the saying! A new mantra ;)

It's funny as I never was much of a hot beverage drinker, but somehow taking the time to brew myself a cuppa and sit down for a moment is like a gift to myself.

And oh my gosh that brownie mix was made up straight away and finished in two days!! ( surprised it lasted that long ) so decadent! and again I felt like I was nurturing myself with every mouthful.

The lovely fabrics, round tote, quilt labels and gorgeous liberty silk scarf are such a treat!

This sweet little bird has gone walkabout a number of times with a certain little girl!

Oh and one of the hand creams smells just like my favourite perfume! Me and my girl have enjoyed these together as a special should see her eyes light up!

And lastly this awesome doggy tote has already come in handy when we went on a homeschooling outing last week, holding all our pens and paper.
 ( Is it bad of me to say it's sooo tempting to turn it into a cute cushion? )

oh and I have just noticed that is a sausage dog with a doily on it's back! very familiar! hehe

I can assure you your care package Susan gave me a huge smile and has done all week! Thankyou so much x

And then there was Leonie who visited me last weekend with her family! It was such a fun day, I loved watching our kids play together and having you there Leonie was such a lovely distraction ;)
And then to receive a fun package for the kids too!! a couple of days later, was a lovely surprise and as you know gave me quite a chuckle! hehehe

And lastly this Saturday afternoon just gone, I had the pleasure of meeting another good friend Leonie for a drink nearby.  It was so lovely to share, talk and decompress.  It helped make my evening at home that much more bearable....thankyou again :)

So again thank you ladies for reaching out and treating me with your kindness and generosity and also to all of you that leave lovely comments and send me messages to see how I am...thankyou xx

This is the reason why I love this bloggy community so much! 
You're all awesome!!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Handmade Christmas and Birthday - Snakes, Rabbits and Bones!

Meet Mr Rabbit!
He's a bit of an explorer...

 Like any good explorer he's always well prepared with a good supply of snacks on hand, just in case, in his trusty satchel!

On a perfect sunny day it's fun to go investigating in the long grass.

Although everyone knows that bunnies should never let their guard down!!

WATCHOUT Mr Rabbit!!!

 Oh Dear!

 Is this the end of poor Mr Rabbit?

Phew!!  it's not!
Thank Goodness!!
It looks like it's just silly Rex the snake and Mr Rabbit fooling around again! 

Because after all Rex the snake wouldn't even harm a fly! 
He'd much rather chew on one of his bone softies!

Or take his friend Mr Rabbit on fun rides around the garden!

And together these great mates give the boys and girl in this household a lot of amusement!

Mr Rex is so long and cosy to curl up into, he also stops his owner from falling out of bed at night!

And you can even hide secret treasures down his throat, or shove your hand down and scream that your hand is being eaten!!
This was a big part of the snake softie request! that and he had to be huge!!! 'As long as my bed mum!' 

And after figuring out how to go about sewing Rex, a rabbit was requested too that had to have his own carrots....ya know, to complete the food chain!

So that was his Christmas present, and then his birthday came around this week and a food bowl and bones for Rex was requested

So leaving things to the last minute in my most typical fashion, it was finished midnight the night before! And Rex's fangs were finally added aswell, because afterall he needs those to naw on his new bones!

Details:  Mr Rex was made from $30 dollars worth of polar fleece and stuffing, additional stuffing from old pillows ( because this snake was hungry ) felt scraps, an old cotton cloth nappy for his fangs and a foam core from an old pillow for his hollow throat area!  
(that was my eureka moment!)

Mr Rabbit was made from more old pillow stuffing ( this time my mums ) some op shopped fabric and op shopped felt ( always stockpiling! ) and felt scraps for his satchel and carrots.....
I'll be sharing this pattern for Easter!

As for Rex's food bowl and bones?  the bones again used old pillow stuffing and more of that old cotton nappy.
The bowl was from more op-shopped fabric and for his name I used some lovely scraps from last years Scrap Bag Swap.

All in all this has to be hands down the most successful handmade pressie I've made, he absolutely adores his snake, even as I write this he is cuddled up on the couch with Rex wrapped around him.
It's so successful that more softies have been requested from the other two and he's making lists for his birthdays and Christmases to come.  Some of them absurd!
Next is a shark!!! Yikes!

Joining in with Leonie ( who I was lucky to have over at my house this last weekend!! ) from Sunshine x 3

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