Friday, May 17, 2013

Conquering Crochet Friday - On a Saturday

We've all been rugged up on the couch in the last couple of days with some random virus, so really its a Saturday Conquering Crochet this week....

This morning feeling a bit better, I managed to get a few snaps of my latest Crochet project, some nice and easy Hair bows.

which ever you like to call it...
yes the dreaded US versus UK term for crochet stitches, another thing I've learnt that's important to check on a pattern before you get started.  Here's a good crochet stitch conversion Chart
And then there is also checking you know how to do a stitch, probably before you moan to experienced crocheters how difficult a half treble is to do!.....that will be why the orange bow in the middle looks smaller than the blue and red ones.....
apparently I had made up a stitch!  Ooops :)
But now I know the correct way, these little bows have been alot quicker and easier to whip up, and again pretty cute!

And it looks like they're also fun to use for dressing up your toys

What drew me to the little bows is this cute hat 

Source: via Laura on Pinterest

Being ambitious, I wouldn't mind giving this a would look pretty cute on Lil Miss this winter. 
But I thought for now, the little clips were a wiser option.....maybe instead, for now I could try my hand at the bobble stitch and make this bow?  Though probably not as big as this. - Chunky Bobble Bow

Oh and before I forget, I've also crocheted some Crochet Bunting Love a couple of weeks ago which you can see here 


Leonie said...Best Blogger Tips

Awesome little bows - so super cute! Well done you conquering it all! Would love to see the beanie and bobble bow x

Leonie said...Best Blogger Tips

Oh and I meant to say I hope you're all feeling much better! xx

Rachelle said...Best Blogger Tips

That hat is gorgeous! The bows are cute too, but can't see my boys going for them

OP SHOP MAMA said...Best Blogger Tips

Those are really cute!! I say every year that this is the year I WILL learn to crochet!!! I've been saying that for 10 years now!!!

hollymayb said...Best Blogger Tips

Oh I love all the crocheting around here! The bows and hearts are cuuuute!


nz green buttons said...Best Blogger Tips

I love the bows! Hope you are feeling better soon xx

I made some with Alligator clips, have you heard of craft runner? A NZ website that has a great range of craft findings -

Pearlin J said...Best Blogger Tips

Oo soo cute! You could make her one in every colour to match her dress:) the bobble bow would look lovely too

Max said...Best Blogger Tips

they are so pretty! the hat looks fab-do it!

Cat said...Best Blogger Tips

Hope you are all feeling better xxx

That lil hat is such gorgeousness

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