Friday, May 24, 2013

Thankful for my Neighbours

Last week I found myself in a dilema 
One of our sheep had separated itself from the flock and on closer inspection it appeared to have something hanging from its mouth......but sheep being skittish as they are, there was no way I would be able to catch it!

Now normally I'd tell Mike and he would solve it and spend the next few hours trying to catch it ( gotta get a dog )
But Mikes away again and as usual these things always seem to happen when he's not here.
A day passed and all the while this big black cloud was hanging over me....what was I going to do!

That's where my neighbours come to my rescue and boy have they been truly amazing in this past year and a half.

When I thought there was an old creepy man coughing outside my kitchen window a year ago
I rang my neighbours infront of me.....they said no problem, and 'J' hopped on his bicycle and cycled up the long drive to look for the peeping tom.....or should I say a roaming sheep with a cold!
 ( now I know they sound like old men )

Then when I had my car accident and I was distraught, frightened and stranded at night with four panicking kids.....the same neighbours again came to my aid.

There was the time we had an escapee piglet......neighbours "L and M" helped...and suffered a few cuts and bruises in the process

The grass got too long for me to cut with my ride on..... so neighbours "J and G" got the tractor out.
( And "G" regulary mows the main drive for all of us )

There was the night I left the gate open and again it was the pigs, which went roaming towards my vege patch......neighbours "J and J" again helped me out.
I got stuck in traffic and too late to meet the boys of the bus "J and J" took care of it.

And theres so much more! 
I am so grateful to be surrounded by such a wonderful group of neighbours...some of which have yet to move in 
permanently to our little community. 
But yet we still keep up to date with each others lives, give gifts, share plants and produce and help in times of need....
which I've taken my fair share off lately.

Which brings me back to the sheep....I called on the services of my newly moved in neighbours who have sheep dogs to give me a at 5 at night while the kids were instructed to "stay inside!" My neighbour "L" and I and his two dogs, mangaged to, after a few attempts, finally got hold of the sheep.....turns out she had wool stuck around her teeth and was suffering from flystrike! Dealing to that was not pleasant so I'll save you the details.... 
I felt so guilty and embarrassed, but he was so humble about it, when I asked him what he liked to drink ( so that could thank him ) he answered "water"....then told me 
"Laura, this is what neighbours do, we rally around each other when we're in times of need.....
next time I need help I'll give you a call" 

I am so blessed x


Mrs A said...Best Blogger Tips

that is awesome! awesome you can ask for help and awesome there is someone around to help!

Schulz Family said...Best Blogger Tips

awesome. How lovely to be in a great neighbourhood

Cat said...Best Blogger Tips

Love a good friendly neighbourhood/community
Must say I too am very blessed with some awesome city slicker neighbours

Leonie said...Best Blogger Tips

You guys have such an awesome community! I looked up what flystruck was... you're right... not pleasant! Yay for blessings x

hollymayb said...Best Blogger Tips

That's one thing that helps make a house a home. It's like they're extended family.

Miriam said...Best Blogger Tips

That is such a beautiful and gracious thing he said to you. Exactly as we all should be xxx

Katherine said...Best Blogger Tips

That makes me so teary! I hope I don't sound like I a sad case but honestly I feel so desperately lonely sometimes for friends and good neighbours and let's be honest, confidence! I feel so very loved and cherished by my husband and children but not really by anyone else. I was also raised in a house where we NEVER had anyone over EVER! During my 7 years overseas with my family I do not recall a single time of having anyone over! I am really enjoying your blog!

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