Thursday, February 28, 2013


Been chillin at my mums...
Mike's away again and mum who is my rock... has come to the rescue and taken me and the kids in.
After doing it alone for a year, my body and mind can't take it anymore and I have to be honest to myself that I am not the superwoman I want to be....who is really?

I think everyone including myself realised the extent of how this has effected me last Sunday, when I over reacted to a cut on my finger....I went into a panicked a child and scarily similar to my eldest, I cried uncontrollably, not knowing how to stop and I was so angry with myself for my reaction, as Mike stared on in disbelief.....(poor guy, as he had to leave the next day)

For a number of months I knew something was wrong....even as writing this the anxiety and physical sickness is doing me in.
I only intended to write this post about my latest crafty endeavour, instead here I am spilling out my emotional contents for everyone to hear.......I'm pooped, worn out and emotionally highly strung.

I don't know what else to say....except without my Mum right now I 
would be a mess 
L x

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Vintage Pillowcases - Op Shop Show Off

Popped into my local oppie the other day to look for some vintage sheets and hit the jackpot with these

Not sheets.....but the pillowcases still have a fair bit of usable fabric in them.....50 cents each, which I think is good?....made me happy.
 specially as many of them are to stash for use in future gifts.

And as I walked out the door I found the yellow pillowcase in the middle of the photo in their free pile ...... paint on the back made this pillowcase unusable, though perfect for me and free :)

I'm just loving all the projects I'm seeing around the web using vintage sheets and fabric...the effect is gorgeous :)

Joining in with Max from Blackbird has Spoken at

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Whats been happening on the block lately

We have piggies! 
We've had them since November when they were 8 weeks old
They growing literally piglets do.

Introducing Rose....she has been a delight! She was the first to let us pat her and definately more docile than her brother.
Though she did give us an adventure from Day 1.

 They're a Tamworth/Bershire Cross

When unloading them from our car, she wriggled her way free and ran into our neighbours block, straight past their feet into the bush! 
We thought she was gone, and we would be forever known as the idiots that populated the local reserve with pigs!
But four hours later we heard our neighbours shouting

" Mike, Laura!! the pig! the pig!!" 

A random car was driving down our shared road and Rose was following the car snorting and squeeling after it.
Mike shouted "get the car!" I ran, hopped in and drove up the road where Rose had stopped, only a few metres from the main road.
I slowly drove towards her, and to all our amazement she started running towards the car with the same enthusiam, 
squeeling and snorting.
The scene that followed was me backing slowly down the road...occasionally stopping while Rose stopped to ponder, whether to continue following or not. 
Then Mike and our neighbour were waiting behind the car with a net....she escaped that too! a chase resumed, evolving some impressive acrobactics.... though of course eventually she was reunited with her brother...she was so tuckered out that she feel asleep in Mikes arms on the way back

And here is he, Ham - named for obvious reasons ( no pcness here )

There's a definite love/hate relationship with this one!
He's the one that breaks the fences and gets into the chicken coop....freeing the chickens to roam my garden! 
Enough said!

But really out of all our livestock, the piggies are still my favourite.....they often follow me along the garden line, squeeling for silverbeet or some other goodie from the patch.  My most favourite and peaceful moments are when I'm gardening and they doze on the other side to keep me company.

We've also bought 8 ewes, to replace the Wiltshire that a local was grazing here. Though we were given 3 Wiltshire rams and a wether as payment... we still needed more lawnmowers.

These are Arapawa's - a somewhat feral sheep.
They're breed is orginally from Arapawa Island in the Malbourough sounds.
And will be perfect for grazing out all those unwanted weeds...Dock, Ragwort, Thistle etc.

Our rams have already been eyeing them up!
And the piggies currently get alot of enjoyment herding them.
So the movie Babe does have some truth to it! 
 Infact those piggies are really social, often saying hello to all the residents.

We think at the moment our little farmlet is filled to the brim - well for now atleast.  I know our escapades certainly keep our neighbours amused.....even the story of Rose made it all the way to the local Farm supplies!  I guess we like to keep things exciting around here :)

Last of all, I'll leave you with this photo from the other day.
While Mike was mowing some long grass...this little frog escaped the blades...much to the kids delight.  

It was all agreed to relocate him to avoid any future disaster, so Mike and the kids re homed him in our dam, much to Lil Misses disappointment.  She spent many days after searching for her Froggie!  

Friday, February 1, 2013

What I wore this Saturday

So here is that dress! 
The elusive dress I keep talking about and not sharing

Finally today, I popped it on with my new pink belt and headed off to our local A & P show ( Agricultural and Pastoral Show )  The sun was shining and I felt great walking around in this vintage style.....especially sweetened by the fact that I got two compliments from complete strangers! 

Have you heard of  Gertie's New Blog for Better Sewing? Well this is the Sweetheart Sundress pattern from her Gerties New Book for Better Sewing.....
  I really enjoyed learning new couture finishes, 
including a hand picked zipper. 

I already have the fabric waiting for a second version, this time with a bias cut circle skirt..... and I really need to tweak the bodice, as it's a bit large in the bust.....But other than that I'm stoked.
Though I will need to make a separate petticoat, as when the wind blows....the bike shorts underneath don't quite look the part!

And here's my little photo bomber....and she's still able to wear her "princess dress" I made for her two years ago!

Also are you coming along to the bloggers conference in April?

I'll be there! I'm really looking forward to meeting up with new friends and meeting more of you in person. 
For more details why don't you check out their blog here 

And Considering this dress took a long time to post about I'll be ticking off a few things here joining in for the first time with 
Wardrobe Wednesday - sorry Miriam I'll wear the gumboots next time!

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