Sunday, March 2, 2014

Dear Penpals ( Bloggy Friends)

My mum has always found it hard to understand this blogging world, infact as some of you might know it's put her in a panic a few times when I've gone off to meet new bloggy friends. hehe

But recently I had the epiphany that really my bloggy friends are no different to the penpals back in the day.....the friendships just blossom online rather than on paper!

In fact I remember my mum setting me up with a Penpal! 
Shamefully it didn't last long due to my lack of writing.
But luckily having an online forum like blogging has enabled me to connect with many like minded people,
a lovely generous bunch of people.

And this past week and half has shown me yet again how awesome this community is!

Susan thank you so much for reaching out and sharing your story with me.  It has helped so much to know someone who has been in my position.

It was so exciting to receive your package last week and since then I have enjoyed a number of teas and hot drinks in this lovely cup.

I love the saying! A new mantra ;)

It's funny as I never was much of a hot beverage drinker, but somehow taking the time to brew myself a cuppa and sit down for a moment is like a gift to myself.

And oh my gosh that brownie mix was made up straight away and finished in two days!! ( surprised it lasted that long ) so decadent! and again I felt like I was nurturing myself with every mouthful.

The lovely fabrics, round tote, quilt labels and gorgeous liberty silk scarf are such a treat!

This sweet little bird has gone walkabout a number of times with a certain little girl!

Oh and one of the hand creams smells just like my favourite perfume! Me and my girl have enjoyed these together as a special should see her eyes light up!

And lastly this awesome doggy tote has already come in handy when we went on a homeschooling outing last week, holding all our pens and paper.
 ( Is it bad of me to say it's sooo tempting to turn it into a cute cushion? )

oh and I have just noticed that is a sausage dog with a doily on it's back! very familiar! hehe

I can assure you your care package Susan gave me a huge smile and has done all week! Thankyou so much x

And then there was Leonie who visited me last weekend with her family! It was such a fun day, I loved watching our kids play together and having you there Leonie was such a lovely distraction ;)
And then to receive a fun package for the kids too!! a couple of days later, was a lovely surprise and as you know gave me quite a chuckle! hehehe

And lastly this Saturday afternoon just gone, I had the pleasure of meeting another good friend Leonie for a drink nearby.  It was so lovely to share, talk and decompress.  It helped make my evening at home that much more bearable....thankyou again :)

So again thank you ladies for reaching out and treating me with your kindness and generosity and also to all of you that leave lovely comments and send me messages to see how I am...thankyou xx

This is the reason why I love this bloggy community so much! 
You're all awesome!!

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