Thursday, August 29, 2013

Eye of Horus Mascara Review

When I was a little girl I would stand next to my mum, her sitting infront of her dressing table and me watching in awe as she would put 'her face on,' as we call it.
 Every now and then she would turn to me and brush a bit of mascara on to my eyelash tips....and oooh the excitement! 
Ever since then, I've loved makeup, trying out all kinds of different products, colours and gadgets, and yes I was that girl at highschool who wore eyeliner and mascara! 

Over the years, I've been more aware of the ingredients in my cosmetics as I am in my skincare.....especially as with my love of eyeliner and mascara I worry about what I apply so close to my eyes.

So when the chance came up to review a mascara that uses natural ingredients, I grabbed the opportunity to put it through its I am yet to find a natural one that can last the day.

Introducing the Eye of Horus Mascara.....

Formulated in the style of the Ancient Egyptians, its been made with natural waxes of Carnauba, Candelia, Ricebran, Beeswax and Moringa Oil.
And it was the Moringa Oil that really caught my eye, as Mike and I have been reading alot about this miracle tree from which the oil comes from (along with a long list of many other uses ) has been nick named the multi vitamin tree.. and we have just planted our first seeds! 
In the Eye of Horus Mascara the Moringa Oil helps condition and strengthen your lashes helping them a mascara that gives you pretty lashes and nourishes them at the same time has got to be a Win Win!

This week I decided to put it through its paces.
On Tuesday my day was jam packed with appointments, driving for hours here and there between them. One which included a Osteopath appointment... I thought this would be a great way to test its smudgeproof ability! As that's the one place where my makeup will always smudge, lying face down on that masseuses table.

So here's me first thing in the morning, fresh and ready to start my day.....lashes looking great and the mascara went on with ease and without any clumps.

And now many hours later, here I am, at last light, in need of a Pimm's and about to crash out on the eyes are looking weary from all that driving,  but my mascara still looks just as lucious as it was in the morning.

Infact almost all of my eye makeup had sweated away, apart from the mascara.

But it was that night, that I was truly they claim that you can remove the mascara with just warm water to dissolve the waxes.
A by golly it worked!! Not a trace left!  I even showed Mike 
( though he didn't share the same ethusiasm ) 
It truly takes the prize for the best mascara I've ever used, as I really dislike using cleanser or make remover on my eyes, and now I don't need to.

Lucious dark thick lashes...
 no clumps 
 lasts the day
natural and paraben free
and washes away without a trace.

And at at an affordable mid range price too!

So I'm thinking with my birthday coming up soon, I should get myself a new eyeliner and maybe a couple new eyeshadows.....
and Mike complains I'm hard to buy for! Pffft!
I've just made it easy....hint hint ;))

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Buddy the Lamb

Our first lamb of the season, and our first to be rescued

His name is Buddy....and he is currently soaking up the sun under the kitchen chairs....... Nawwww!!! Isn't he cute!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Upcycled Merino to Yoke Tunic and How to fix those holes

I've meant to sit down and post this mini tutorial a number of times this week.

Last night I suddenly felt ill ( something from dinner didn't agree with me ) and all this week has been busy with appointments expected and not.  
Poor Little J, had a tooth pulled and a broken arm in one day on Monday....I guess he'll think twice about jumping of the shed from now on, and the teeth well that's another wonderful genetic hand me he's got Hyperplasia on several of his molars....theres another tooth coming out next week.  I've been seeing an osteopath to finally get decades of back trouble sorted, and we've finally met our ASD co-ordinator for Big J and now we've had an appointment come through from the Middlemore Cleft lip and palate team for Mr B.
So I see many more appointments ahead of us, after two years of relative calm.

Now I sit here in the early hours to show you the little top I've been trying to get finished, this past week.....and it had it's own troubles, as I made many silly mistakes with it.....but yay! its finally done now....albeit a bit tight under the arms....oops!

 I upcycled a old merino of mine for this tunic,  and I used the last of the car fabric for the yoke....though I usually use the original hemline from the merino when I make these little tunics, for some reason I decided to start cutting up the sides ( heads in the clouds ) so when I came to serging the hem line, it stretched out terribly, so I used the sleeves to cut out a band, and gathered and sewed the 'would be' hem to the band....its not ideal, but it works.....crisis averted.

But not to be the only challenge my buttonhole foot just didn't want to work, so this cute little vintage covered button I made.....
will sit in my collection for now...

Instead I went with these sweet vintage snaps....aren't they cute!

Anyway's I thought I'd show you how to fix those pesky holes that all merino tops seem to succumb to eventually!

Can you see that big hole there? Its right smack in the middle....and I cut my tunics an inch or two above the following are the steps I take to fix the holes I can't cut around.

Step 1: I zig zag around the hole, about 1/2cm away from the hole, this is to stabilise it.  Then I zig zag up and down through the frayed effectly give the hole some substance again.
 ( try not to push or pull the fabric through, let the machine guide it through )

Step 2: Using an wool setting on the iron, (or iron over a damp cloth ) and iron out the waves in the fabric that are made when you zig zag.

Step 3: Cut out another piece of Merino from your top, big enough to cover the hole, pin it in place and zig zag around it as in the picture

Step 4: Make a pocket or a decorative patch to cover your hole..... And you're done!
.I would recommend the fabric you use is light, as I'm not sure a heavy cotton would sit right on a light weight merino.

 For my Lil Miss, she has a little pocket to put her treasures in....or the slugs and snails she currently likes to collect!

Next on the list is to fix that hole in those leggings!

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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Something Quick and Satisfying

That's exactly what I needed.....
for last two weeks I've been trying to get into sewing, but yet there's always dishes, laundry and general housework getting in my way.....and housework is definitely not my strong point, but in this tiny house, it just doesn't feel right to make more mess in mess....
if you get what I mean?

So finally the other day, I got around to cutting out and sewing up this cute little skirt.  
( and ignored the mess )

I bought this fabric last year, but during my little vacay at my mums many months ago ( for my sanities sake ) it got lost between transit....that and with my overlocker foot too! 
 After turning my house upside down and my mums several times...I had admitted defeat... until a couple of weeks ago mum found it, on top of HER sewing machine!!! Like seriously...clueless how we missed that!

So now I've got my sewing mojo back, I've also done a bit of upcycling for a top to match.
I'm just putting the finishing touches to it before I share, plus a very mini tutorial....or more like a how to tutorial

I used the Paris Skirt pattern from the Nothing too Fancy blog for this little skirt, and she recommends using three rows of gathering, which is something my mum always told me, but I never could be bothered..
until now! It really does make all the difference between a average gather and really nice one.
Also in breaking news,  we have a garage pad in the making!!!
I can't wait for this to be finished....we are literally bursting at the seams here.

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Its never to early to sow and reap the rewards

My seeds arrived in the mail today, and just in time, since this is the optimum time for me to sow seeds of plants that produce flowers, fruit or edible leaves above ground ( though not yet a good time for root crops )
this is if you like to follow planting by the Gardening Moon Calendar.

I try to whenever possible, as I have always noted a difference in the speed of germination, especially in plants like tomatoes, chillies, capsicums etc that take up to 20 days to pop up.

Though regardless of the moon calendar, now is the time of year to get a head start.....I know that looking outside for many of you it may not look it... but starting them off indoors will give you a great start to the growing season, and stop the need to part with alot of cash for punnets when summer time draws nearer.

Around here, I like to use my hotwater cupboard to kick start my heat loving for a couple of weeks it transforms into my nursery.

But of course not everyone has one these setting up an area by a sunny north facing window is a good place.  
I had friends by Mt Ruapehu who made stacked shelves against their window, even with late snow and harsh frosts they managed to get a head start and successfully grow a bumper crop of Tomatoes.

Calendula and Hollyhocks from seed I saved last year

I have a set routine now for sowing my seeds, which always gives me successful may already do this, but if not...there's no harm in sharing.

Before getting started, I always wash out my trays with soap and water to kill any lurking fungus and to prevent seeds from damping off....
then I fill with seed raising mix to 3/4 full and using a flat hard surface ( usually another tray ) 
I compress the soil.....then I thoroughly soak the soil. Once thats done I sow my seeds.....because my trays are large I often sow similar seed species together, eg tomatoes and eggplants...I section them off by pressing a line in the soil between them....then once the seeds are sprinkled with just enough soil to cover ( don't cover tiny seed like Basil ) I compress the soil again....this helps the seed make contact with soil and aid in germination.  Then I spritz them with water ( it's enough since you've already pre soaked the soil ) and if I'm putting them in my hot water cupboard I cover with cling film.
If you're doing this by a window sill I suggest also covering your trays with newspaper until the majority of the seeds germinate.
Once they do, I move them to a cold frame, 
or depending on your climate inside in a warm spot in the sun.

And according to the moon calendar, now until the 18th is the perfect time to sow....but if you think its still too early for you to try sowing  those heat loving edibles, you could always sow some peas directly now and in any climate it would be late September you should be able to enjoy your first crop....and while you're at it pop in some sweet peas...
boy do they have such a heavenly smell!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Good Morning Monday! - Toasted Muesli


The boys are at school.....missed the bus again!
dropped off late because I was disorganised baking muffins in the morning, oh and the digger guy dropped in unexpectently...
add in a stop for banana's because the kids are going through fruit at an alarming rate
Oh and did I mention....I closed Mr B's fingers in the bathroom door!! ouch!....poor thing (feeling awful)
There was also Big J who had a mini meltdown to throw in the mix....something about rain and having to clean the bird cage.....

Moving on.....

Back home and finally getting to enjoy breakfast

But not without a child on my lap and the laptop in front of me of course

Sound familiar?

Or maybe you're on the way to work and you're breakfast is either consumed in the car, bus or at work in front of your computer screen..

Anyway's back to food...this Muesli is good I'll share

Tasty Toasted Muesli

 What I really like about this, is there's no oils or processed sugars in the recipe...helping to sustain me for longer and avoid snacking from the baking tin!


4 Cups rolled oats ( or use a mix of grains if desired )
1 Cup of sunflower seeds
1/2 Cup of Pumpkin seeds
1 cup of Almonds ( roughly chopped )
 2 tsp  of Cinnamon
 1/3 Cup of Honey
 1 Cup of Apple Juice ( I use an organic brand and freeze in batches )
1 Tbsp of Maple Syrup *optional
1/2 to 3/4 cup of dried fruits. (I use raisins)

Preheat oven to 150c, Mix the grains, seeds, nuts and cinnamon in a large bowl.
Heat apple juice and stir in the honey and maple syrup to dissolve.
Stir the liquid into the dry ingredients and mix to evenly combine ( using your hands is ideal )
Spread out in a large roastsing dish and bake for 1 hours or until crisp and golden, but keep an eye on it and during this time, stir and break up any large chunks.

When finished, cool then mix in the dried fruits.

Makes 6/12 cups.
 And will keep fresh for over a month in a sealed container.
I always make a double batch because it's so popular it never lasts that long!  I recommend serving with some stewed apple or other fruit, even a dollop of yoghurt....and because it's so filling you only need about 1 cup or less at a time!

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Friday, August 9, 2013

Ticking of the garden tasks

Mike and I were talking today about how we both feel that this year might be 'the' year we get that bumper crop

We seem to be on top of those yearly tasks....especially the winter ones

Today we got another ticked of the list, by spraying copper on our stone and pip fruit trees...just in time too! as the flowers are starting to swell!
 There's still time if you've forgotten....heres a great article on all those tasks

 And we finally got on top of a pest problem on one of our lemon's had ants all over it along with scale insect....
so using Neem Oil, Mike made up the following concoction

10ml of Neem Oil
2 cloves of crushed garlic
Tbsp of grated sunlight soap or similar
1 litre of warm water 

Whisk together ( or use a stick blender ) and strain through a teatowel for easier use in you spray bottle

 I also used it on the army of slaters living in my artichokes....they've been enjoying the dry sheltered conditions inside the crown of the plant.....but with new buds starting to emerge, in large amounts I've read they can potentially cause harm.....I've read you can also wrap the base of the plant with corrugated cardboard and each day remove it to another area of the garden....
but for me this mix has worked really well.

 And look who keeps popping into my photos!

When I pointed out to her that she was wearing clothes all made by me....she gushed and said " Wow!" I love you're the best boss ever! ( her favourite saying....don't ask me where she got that from )

Such a darling.....always happy when she has flowers to pick and a bag for her latest precious things......that and a piece of fruit within reach!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Stretch Lace Overlay Dress

I've been meaning to share this dress with you since all the way back in March...but taking selfies without a timer wasn't going to work.

So finally here it is...and about time....
especially when this has got a lot of wear in that time.

 made with a stretch lace over a pink knit, it is sooo comfy....
and there's no ironing required!  (One of my least favourite chores!)

I thought it might be difficult sewing with the flimsy lace, but by sewing it together with the underlay knit it worked really well, and was alot easier to handle.

Before I started with this dress I made the T shirt below, using the basic tshirt from Sew U Home Stretch as my starting pattern.
 I modified the neckline shape and adjusted the sleeves to match one of my favourite T shirts

This also gets alot of wear, and it only cost me $1.
The fabric was a great opshop find on my trip to Matakana last year.

I also learnt a neat trick with the neckline, 
and I'm stoked with how it turned out.

By using 1/4" elastic to stabilise the neckline, you zig zag stitch the elastic along the neck edge on the wrong side without stretching the elastic and then you turn it over to the wrong side, and using a long length straight stitch you stitch the neckline down.

For my dress I used the same pattern for the top half and a drafted 1/2 circle skirt for the bottom

And of course whenever Mike's behind the camera, he never ceases to make me crack up

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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

A Foggy Start

  I love waking up to a foggy morning
At first light it's so dense, that you can't see one meter in front of you, and everything looks eery and mysterious..

then the sun shines through and my garden looks fresh and revitalised

 soaking up a morning drink from the dew left behind


 as the morning passes and the fog lifts

 it rolls back to sit above the water 

shoes that were left out, have a chance to dry in the warm sun

and I'm ready to start my day

because you just know that the day is going to be glorious!

Happy Thursday to you! x

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Hello Monday!

This morning at the crack of dawn, my Little J woke me up with his usual early morning fidgeting, ( he sleeps in our room....only 2 bedrooms)
as I lay there half asleep, I registered there was digger noise coming from outside...I jumped out of bed to find this....

We have another neighbour to the side of us.....I woke everyone, so that could join me in the excitement....they did...all for about the total of a couple of minutes....then promptly went back to bed.

 But at a more decent hour, one by one they joined me while getting ready for school....some more than others

So from one set of neighbours on the block, we are soon to have 6!
A couple are moving in this week to one side, and with the new house another little family.....all boys on the block though....
apart from Lil Miss....maybe my neighbour at the front will have a little girl??
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