Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Show and Tell - Toiletry Bags

There are two of these.....though the other one's lost somewhere, and the fabric is no way cooler than this one!

Same pattern as this pencil case blogged here
but with waterproof lining.
This and it's elusive partner were another late night before it's needed project.....this time for the boys camps last year...
I didn't have the heart to send them with grocery bags for their toiletries.  But of course it didn't stop me threatening I would,
 if they didn't go to sleep! 

Joining with other creative ladies at Leonies

Rain Rain please don't go away

I woke up feeling happy this morning, listening to the gurgling of rain in the downpipes.  
Apparently all you need to do, is hang washing out on the line, leave it overnight and that will appease the rain gods

It's been so dry here, that I've been doing my washing at my mums house where her tank is overflowing, and I feel less guilty.

And another reason to smile, is my garden is getting a liquid feed....
 I just learnt recently that the rain has nitrogen in it!

I'll be spending my next week planting and sowing seeds that produce above ground, as now until the 22nd is the optimal time to do it if you plant by the moon.  Do you use a moon calendar?

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Lazy Days

While Mike's away, I am taking things slow with the help of Mum.
I have enjoyed the last three days with only 2 kids, the eldest and youngest.....ah bliss!
We have been lazing around, and doing things on a whim.

Today Lil Miss was kept busy making her necklace....
oh the concentration.

Then Big J and I enjoyed finishing a puzzle together

Before going to Mum's for dinner I gathered a hoard of veges to give as thanks....mum supplied the yummy apple cake!

And when I arrived I was greeted by my two middle boys.....
eager to show me their new clubhouse.

Mum said she's been thoroughly amused watching them carry things down the hill to furnish their new place.....chairs, old carpets, and a heavy table which had mum wishing she had a camera at hand.
Apparently she hardly has seen them in these last couple of days!  That sounds perfect :)

Lastly I had to leave you with this image...... 
a very inquisitive cow

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Garden Recap

My garden like many others gardens is going crazy at the moment

This is a comparison from a couple of months ago
  And now from a similar favourite place....working buried amongst my flowers.
And here before - near the side of the house

And now .... the pumpkins and butternut are taking over, the zuchinnis are kicking in and cosmos, poppies and rambling sweetpeas are welcoming splashes of colour

Coming around the back again and looking from my vege patch, the yellow daises have really dominated, but for my first year garden they have been a real help in establishing my garden fast.

And to think this area was bare ground only a few months ago.
Next year I plan on adding more height to the border once a windbreak has been planted (hollyhocks, artichokes etc)
And those daisies will definately be reduced, but for now I'll let them be. 

Here is a picture from the middle of the vege patch with my flower garden that continues on to the left

So far I have created 7 vegetable beds the eighth with the help of Mike, using the no dig method, which uses layers of newspaper, manure, and hay...and so far the competition against the weeds has only been a problem on the paths, and the need for watering is almost nil. This is all part of our plan to garden using the methods of permaculture..... and the results are speaking for themselves. 

  Our Gherkin glut, after a week away from the garden.

And my carrot thinnings.....looking pretty good, considering they have been grown in clay and we haven't dug the ground at all

As for my areas where I haven't mulched,  the ground is cracking wide open and that damn kikuya! is creeping in. 

But even though the garden is looking good, I AM surrounded by a large expanse of weeds that I am yet to tame, and I may just leave for now....because who knows...some of them are actually growing on me :)

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Mini Me Dress

I have been putting off this post for a while waiting for better pictures.... but in the meantime I have realised I have made many things that I have neglected to blog about, usually due to lack of pictures or at least pictures that I was'nt happy with....
so biting the bullet here we go after a couple of months silence.
  My brother got married in November
so a couple of days before that weekend 
 ( as usual I love to work to a deadline! I'll never learn ) 
I completed this dress from the remnants of a dress that had I made myself hence the name "mini me" and yes I have yet to blog about that said dress.....I'll get there!

Anyway....I was really estactic with the way this turned out 
and when I found that the skirt of the dress would be too short, fate would have it that I had the perfect salmon pink shot sateen in my stash....I used the pink to completely line the skirt and it added a nice weight and puff to the shape.
 The dress was my own pattern, that I based on a her measurements and was helped with the easing of the shirring in the back.  
Also this cardigan, I made a while ago, turned out to be the perfect colour match, and came in handy for the chill of a Hamilton evening
And the leftover scraps I used to cover an old be honest I still feel 50/50 about it.
Since the wedding, the dress has made a lovely Christmas day dress and I'm hoping for more future occasions to dress her up before she out grows it.
But you know I think the reason why I'm so happy with it,
 is how this came together easily and without any issues
You know how it goes, when you win and when you lose
 it gets thrown in the rubbish bin! ( Mike just told me I have a glint in my eye while writing this - so obviously I'm still chuffed )

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