Saturday, August 16, 2014

New Kids on the Block!

Yesterday while Lil Miss and I enjoyed a lazy morning together without the extra noise the boys add to the mix, Mike and the boys went on a road trip to Auckland.

After waiting for a couple of months for the right time we finally found our long awaited and perfect additions to our little farm.

Meet our new Kids! 

This is Stella and she's pretty cool and calm just like her Carer Mr B and suits her name to a T!

 And here is Sally, the Smallest of our goats with the most striking features and colouring.....she absolutely loves a snuggle which is just fine by her Carer Big J who doesn't want to leave her alone!

The boys all made them finger knitted collars to tell them apart!
And Rosey just like her Carer Little J.  Shes curious and likes to get up to mischief whenever she can!

Here they are the two of them together!

And lastly Lil Misses goat which she so proudly announced was to be named 'Flower', just as mischievous as Rosey and loves to nibble on my jeans....Uh Oh!

I can see them being quite a lot of fun and no doubt a few headaches but even so a welcomed addition and a needed addition not only for their raw milk one day, but also for the calming effect they will have on our children

.....there is definitely something in what they say about the connection between animals and children and it couldn't be any truer with ours. 

 In 24 hours we have already seen and delighted in how it has changed the atmosphere in our house.....since the pigs, our dog and the lambs there was a void that needed to be filled and this seems to have hit the spot already!

Now to keep them healthy with home brewed Kombucha in their drinking water and their bottled Milk 50/50 with homemade yoghurt.......we absolutely cannot have another animal die on us again!!

Just in case anyone wants to know, they are Saanen Nubian crosses....good milking breeds.....Homemade feta one day!! Currently we're dairy and gluten free, so a little while yet!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Polkadot Pinafore with a side dressing of Life

This is the blog post where there is soooo much been happening in my life that I don't know even where to start!!

And to be honest I can't be bothered to either! Lets just say this year has been the most challenging and eye opening year I have had in a long time, I have cried so much over the stress of it all, I even reckon I invented a new type of cry where you scream and cry at the same time! 

Or quite likely I wasn't the first to have done that and it's just that I have never personally been pushed off the edge like this before.......parenting is hard! and when you throw in more complexities than usual, its hair pulling hard.

But things for the meantime seem eerily normal so I have a bit of a pep in my step....I feel like I'm bouncing around the place, skipping along and spreading happiness to those around me.....long may it last! And then today with a moment to steal for myself I finally felt like sharing on this space again.

So here's a darling dress I made for my little girl a couple of weeks ago during Kids Clothing Week...isn't she cute?!

 Its the Pinafore from the book Happy Homemade Sew Happy Chic, and I just love the flutter sleeves and the big vintage yellow buttons I got from my MIL's button jar.

I am quite taken with this book as all the patterns are nice and simple to make and have classical lines but with a lovely feminine twist.  

Plus there aren't a heap of pattern pieces to cut out, which is a refreshing change compared to the Ottobre Design Patterns that I am used to.

I have already made another garment from this book that I'm yet to sew buttons onto, which I must do, as I'm already itching to cut out another! I just have to decide which one!

Linking in with the Lovely Leonie from sunshine x 3

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