Friday, November 9, 2012

Time to take time to reflect

I've had one of those weeks....I've had alot of events come and go and this week I have been left feeling drained
This long year for me is near an end....Mike being here is in sight....and I think my body has finally relaxed leaving me tired and lethargic.
I know this week I have shouted too much at the kids and generally been less sympathetic to their needs....this week I have probably whinged to much back at them.....basically been more like a kid than an mother.

So yesterday I started documenting all the good things to remind me 
it ain't that could be worse

Beautiful sun shining days, where a rug, sunhat and toybox make a for a happy child and a happy mum

Weeding, planting and generally watching my plants grow,while the above child has been playing has been good for my soul

Fixing my spinning wheel, and relaxing spinning....I love that my kids are intrigued by the process and Big J even gave it a go!

Mr B and Little J teamed up to create this hut, apparently a work in progress.....well I can't say much since I have alot of those

This afternoon, Big J was relaxing, putting the finishing touches to his dragon....I love his pictures.

And lastly while everyone was busy doing there own thing this evening...I went to investigate where Lil Miss had disappeared too! 


Time to make myself a chai tea and relax....tomorrow is another day :)

Joining in this week with Things I'm Loving

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Guy Fawkes - more than just the fireworks

Guy Fawkes has many meanings for me

For the last 21 years it has also been my best friends birthday

And for 10 years I've been watching my children be initially terrified then follow on to be excited and watch in wonder

But it was 5 years ago that my beloved Nana left this world....
 we like to think that she 'went out with a bang' ..... 

We used to call her the 'pink lady' because of her obvious love of the colour.....and I was called her 'lady lucky lucy laura' 
and my Mike she renamed 'himself' 
( too many Mikes in our family)
She was more than just my Nana, quite often she was like my second mother....I even used to raid her wardrobe!

We think of her alot, and last night along with my Mum, Mike the kids and our neighbours...we lit a firework for just for her..... 

I'm sure she was watching down and enjoying the show

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Last Minute Earrings

I needed red earrings in a hurry for my brothers wedding this weekend.... enter pink flat studs, red nail polish..wire and beads

And an essential dab of hot glue! Voila!!

Inspiration from my Nana, who was forever using nail polish on her earrings to match her outfits :)
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