Thursday, September 21, 2017

Manuka Skirt by Below The Kowhai Review

Recently I got the opportunity again to test the latest pattern The Manuka Skirt from Below the Kowhai
And it's a winner, this girl is eager for another!

I will be happy to oblige ofcourse, as I have had a skirt like this sitting in my pinterest folder for a good 6 years!

With three options to choose from this has to be my favourite, with front pockets and a faux button placket that means I can avoid using the buttonhole foot on my sewing machine! Thats a bonus! Anything that cuts down on time, while on the plus side being able to use cute buttons, ticks all the boxes for me!

All and all another quick sew and great pattern thats sure to be well loved by Sophie from Below the Kowhai....thanks Sophie

Millie Dress Hack

When looking through different photos of the Millie Dress on Instagram, I came across of the top version that such and such made, so I gave it a go myself

It's another success which is always a thrill and of course it has frills!! so its a thumbs up from my girl, 
but saying that I'm pretty blessed because she generally loves everything mummy makes for her and is easy to please.

She is also enjoying the ''photo shoots" leading me all around the property to take photos of her new clothes

Meanwhile her brothers look on, doing there own poses and having a laugh..... I would insert a photo here, but I probably wouldn't live to hit publish!
 hahahaha......pre teens/teenagers huh ;)
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