Saturday, April 21, 2012

There's lovely smells wafting from my kitchen

Been baking alot lately...

Mainly due to a pinched budget and sheer laziness of not wanting to drive to the shops :)

Here are some of our latest obsessions

And with no room for a breadmaker, I have been forced to make bread from scratch..... I am a convert :)

Lil Miss and the boys were waiting in the wings, ready to consume

Roasted Capsicum Hummus.... yummy and no need for Tahini :)


Cat said...Best Blogger Tips

WOW your home made bread WITHOUT a bread maker looks better than my home made bread WITH a bread maker!
Please share your hummus recipe ::))

Widge said...Best Blogger Tips

ditto cat on the bread with the breadmaker! lately mine has been rubbish, yours looks AMAZING!
and yummo what are those top bikkie things???

Monica Williams said...Best Blogger Tips

Laura that all looks delicious. Am totally jealous of your amazing bread....from scratch!!! Good for you.

Leonie said...Best Blogger Tips

Ahh those biscuits!!! I've just this afternoon baked some! (from the latest cuisine?) yum! and what a legend on the bread making front! Go you!

Max said...Best Blogger Tips

Nom! Your bread looks amazing and the hummus i must try as am over tahini, its so gloopy. Made hummus with smooth peanut butter and that was heaven x

Anonymous said...Best Blogger Tips

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