Saturday, April 28, 2012

KCWC Day 7 - Hand stitching

The kids are having day 2 of their painting session see here...

And I am enjoying the peace....
using the quiet time to sew some finishing touches by hand

Herringbone stitch

Perfect for easing in big full hems.

If you need a refresher.... like I did.  
And do better with video demonstrations.... like I do.

Then here is a good one

and while on the subject of hand stitching techniques
How do you make a knot?

Do you wrap it around your finger several times, and pull into a knot, like you mum taught you?

I did!... Until a few years back,
when a lady from my quilting group showed me a quilters knot.
Thanks Helen! I've never gone back :)

I'll post some photo's tomorrow of my last project for KCWC


Notchka said...Best Blogger Tips

Your stitches are so perfect!

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