Friday, April 20, 2012

Strawberries Anyone?

Strawberry season may be over......
but there's still strawberries in my kitchen.
I know!  it's bit wacky and out of ordinary for curtains.
But I can't wait to see my mum's reaction... I have bit my tongue several times to insure it's a surprise! Not sure whether or not she'll like it, and to be honest while I was sewing these up, I wondered what on earth I was thinking when I chose this print.

But I think I like it?!
The walls were already painted this colour, which I don't mind.... although what were the original owners thinking when they painted it in gloss?  The bathroom is a lovely gloss apricot! yuck!!

Anyway, back to the curtains....I wanted something fun, what I ended up with was a cotton drill from the fashion department...
not super insulating... but it will do.

 The kitchen is from the 50's/60's, and I thought I might aswell have some fun in the meantime. 
Afterall the house will be gutted when we do the extension.
So I have envisioned a vintage/retro theme... I have bunting already cut and ready to sew :) 

And while sewing up the second set of curtains, I realised I was short of O rings for the cord to pull through...but as you can see below I figured that one out ( late at night while drifting of to sleep, isn't that the best time for problem solving? )  I used crochet cotton and made two loops, and then buttonhole stitched around the loops to make another, loop! yay! I saved myself 20cents! lol

Okay so maybe not interesting to all, but maybe by sharing I have helped someone out there :)

So moving on.......

My kitchen is as I said, passed it's used by date, oh and small!
The only bench space is, the stainless steel sink with half a metre either side, and my crockery and pantry staples are spilling out of the cupboards.... so I was really happy when I came
across this spice rack....yay! more storage space..
and it only set me back a whole $3! Brilliant.

It was a rich nut brown, which didn't really fit in with my 'theme'
so I gave it a shabby chic makeover, and now my $2 shop Ghost 
S & P shakers are look pretty cosy sitting up there!

Of course this kitchen is going to take some time to come together and I somehow have to make sailboat wallpaper fit into this scheme? ( courtesy of the living room,( it's open plan ) 
So if you have any ideas, it would be very much appreciated!


Anonymous said...Best Blogger Tips

I love the curtains!

Roz said...Best Blogger Tips

Good on you for giving the strawberry curtains a go (and problem solving for the o rings). Loving the images in some of your other posts too.

Widge said...Best Blogger Tips

love the strawberry blind!

Max said...Best Blogger Tips

Ha ha ha, i chose to paint my bathroom apricot and i LOVE the colour of those walls. Want to swap houses? I have about the same amount of bench space too (after knocking out a copboard!) its hard work and forces supertidy kitchen habits. I look forward to seeing your kitchen evolve x

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