Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Been keeping myself busy

My laptop died, so now that I am up and running again... here is a brief over view of the last few busy weeks.......

I'll start of with the yummy figs that I was lucky enough to recieve from some neighbours....
their tree is bigger than my kitchen/living room

And even though I am getting thoroughly sick of the clay,
the boys have found good uses for it, and it's kept them busy right up until bedtime!

A couple of weeks ago, Mum and I took the kids on a weekend drive to see Tane Mahuta in the Waipoua Forest, we loved watching their shock when they finally turned to see the huge tree!

 After the long and slow car journey through the forest,
it was a welcoming stop

We also were lucky enough to spot a North Island Tomtit

And just before the rain set in we all got to get a few bites of our sammies, and I got to admire my $10 picnic hamper
 ( scored over the holidays at a croquet club fair, complete with 8  x 70's plastic partitioned plates)

Then we packed up and headed up to the Hokianga Harbour,
this was a first for me aswell as the boys.
All of sudden you drive up a hill and come around a bend, and wham! there's the big sand dunes

And looking back into the harbour, it was such a mysterious and moody view that day, the photos just don't capture it

This rock was a fave of mine, we had been reading a book from the library about a sea monster who often would hide like a rock... here is his head... can you see his smile?

Lots of treasures were found

And Lil Miss kept herself amused playing in the sand

Little J checked out the sand dunes,
and probably looking if he can spot Australia
I told the boys that Australia is out that way over the waters.... the two younger boys reckoned they could see it!

Then this easter was a brilliant weekend and the weather was gorgeous.  It made for perfect easter egg hunting!

Mike was in charge this year for the treasure hunt, and came up with very clever rhyming clues that took the boys from one spot to another.  They still managed to collect them all in 20 minutes

Next year I told Mike, he needs to make it harder and hide them in the outer corners of the land... I'm glad I won't be hiding them!

Lastly, I have been making this most delicious bread, it's so simple and tastes like you have bought it from a very swish bakery...
it's very much like a Ciabatta! Delissimo!

I'll leave you with the link here on Wendyl Nissen's blog...
 I must buy her book!  And do try it, you won't regret it!


Cat said...Best Blogger Tips

What a beautiful post beautiful beautiful beautiful
I LOVE figs and YES next year we will need to hide our eggs a bit better too

tartankiwi said...Best Blogger Tips

Great to see you settling in so well and exploring your new surroundings. Love the clay snowman!

Leonie said...Best Blogger Tips

Those figs... YUM! great photo's and looks like a great trip, Easter and yummy baking!

Anonymous said...Best Blogger Tips

Gorgeous photos! I miss having neighbours with fig trees!

Sally said...Best Blogger Tips

Those figs look SO good. Great score with the picnic hamper too. Loving all your photos. Wonderful.

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