Monday, April 30, 2012

Last Project for the KCWC week

I really enjoyed this project infact I had to write some of this post in the midst of creating it, or if I hadn't I would have forgotten to mention that : 'I unpicked this sooooo many times to get the gathers looking right and the back elastic looking good, one of my threads on my overlocker kept on snapping' 
I was screaming inside several times...
 but just like magic, I got to the end of it all...popped it on my little girl... took these photo's.... and as if by magic it was all forgotten and in my head... and I was already planning the next one!

Infact its a bit like giving birth, by the time you are ready to have another child, you have magically forgotten about the labour!

Although saying that not all of them are so easy to forget...
there are some of us that have birthing stories that still linger in the back of our minds....

A pop of colour at the inside on the waist

and I guess that's also true when you come to those disastrous sewing projects that don't end so well... they're the ones that make you pick up your knitting for a while!

Anyway enough said....back to the skirt.....

I pretty much made up my mind that
I wanted to make a skirt after seeing Nin's one here
Her little girl looked so cute in it....
I thought "I WANT that!" 
So this skirt was born.  
 I used my own pattern but Nin has a tutorial and pattern here 
 for your use if you would like to make your own

I utilised the last of some light weight denim that I scored for $1 at a Sallies Army store last year.  There was so much fabric, I was able to make these and this with it, aswell as a denim skirt for myself!  ( which I still haven't taken photo's )

I also had always wanted to do the running stitch embroidery on something and the plain denim seemed the perfect candidate.

But now I'm looking at the smallest of scraps that are leftover and I don't think I can bear to throw them in the bin....
I'm thinking a headband.

Oh and last of all, this is for some of my bloggy friends whose kiddies are too excited to stay still for photo's

Mine is too.....
And there's still twenty more like it on my camera!


Jenny said...Best Blogger Tips

Love it! That embroidery, darling! Love the wriggly kid photos too!

Upstatemamma said...Best Blogger Tips

That skirt is so cute! I love the embroidery. I would never have thought to do that. That's my favorite thing about this week - I've gotten so many more ideas. Of course, I may never actually get to them all :)

Sally said...Best Blogger Tips

The running stitch looks fabulous! Love it.

Fay said...Best Blogger Tips

Gorgeous skirt! Love the stitching around the bottom.

Notchka said...Best Blogger Tips

Agreed - the running stitch is super awesome, I'm so borrowing that inspiration ;o) This post made me smile, doesn't it make your heart glad children are so excited when they model for you. I can't remember the last time I gave an adult a gift and they were too dang excited to sit still for a photo - yah!

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