Saturday, April 28, 2012

KCWC Day 5 and 6 - Down Time

Even the best laid plans go south
but in this case.... it was welcomed change.

Mum came to visit overnight, so sewing has temporarily come to a stand still, as I spent most of yesterday cleaning up.....
Surely I'm not the only one who lets the house go to the dogs when a sewing frenzy takes place?

And today after we waved goodbye to Nana, Big J asked if he could paint his piggy bank.... I hesitated for moment, I had already said no to this earlier in the week, then I remembered Miriam's regular posts here.  Inspired by them, I said yes!

So after Lil Miss was put down for her nap, my sewing table was hijacked by newspaper, paints, brushes and three very happy kids!

And boy was it worth it!.... two hours of peace and quiet and pleasant words of encouragement between them..... brilliant!
What more could you wish for with 3 boisterous boys?

As for me? I snuggled into the couch with a magazine mum brought me and had some down time of my own :)

Middle B's work in progress... can you see the doorway,welcome mat, and mugs on hooks?
However with kids in bed and Day 6 still not over, I may get some sewing squeezed in afterall.
Oh and just to note, when I put my Lil Miss to bed tonight.... she said "I love you Mum" and gave me a kiss - first time she has said that! Ah Love x


tartankiwi said...Best Blogger Tips

Miriam is such an inspiration isn't she?! I have stopped and heard a little voice saying BMWB on many occasions and have never regretted it!

Notchka said...Best Blogger Tips

Oh - that is so special to hear 'Love you Mum"....wonder if it had anything to do with the painting. Awesome picture by the way!!

Miriam said...Best Blogger Tips

Thank you so much for sharing your BMWB story. I adore that picture with the welcome mat and the mugs - seriously isn't that what a home is all about?? Awesome x

Jenny said...Best Blogger Tips

What a lovely post. I'm also doing the KCWC and have had a bit of down time with the kiddies of late... the sewing can always wait I say :) Jen

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