Sunday, October 16, 2011

Thankful it wasn't worse

This week has turned out to be another of those weeks, when it rains it pours...

It started with Lil Misses accident on the trampoline.....
 Basically Little J supposedly fell on Lil Miss ( my back was turned, I know, slap my hand ) the doctor said "muscle damage".... so my little girl  went from being miserable and clingy with limited movement, to a crawling toddler... everyday a wee bit better.... today she is finally taking little steps with a limp.

During this we had a had a appointment for Little J's sleep study ( to do with his heart murmur )..... so on Wednesday, he and I drove down for the hospital admission at 6pm....  well, sleeping in a hospital it is never fun!... and of course this night would be no exception.

That night, I woke myself up at midnight feeling short of breath, so I turned to the side to recover, only to find the room spinning.... I got up to the bathroom to walk it off.... then returned to bed only for it to happen again, by that time I started to panic, then my left arm started to go numb... I managed to get myself together enough to reach for the nurses call button, but by the time she came in.... I had lost it, I was freaking out, and my other hand was going numb.... my hands didn't feel like mine at all, they felt like chunks of wood. 
So the nurse checked me over, and reckoned that I was having a panic attack, and told me to walk it off and make a hot drink.  After taking her advice I was still feeling shaky, but was extremely tired so I lay down again, only for the room to spin a third time.... thats when I was admitted to the Emergency Department, and if you hadn't already guessed it, I was suffering from vertigo..... man it is horrible.

I finally got back home on Friday, as I took a detour home to visit my Sister in Law. 
I was trying to limit the amount of driving that I had to get back home, and the roads on the way back, were alot straighter than the one I drove on to the hospital. 

So reflecting on this last week, I am thankful for the following :

  • That I made it safely to the hospital on Wednesday ( I thought the car was out of balance, turns out it was me )
  • That I was in hospital when the vertigo happened... and Little J was fast asleep
  • Thankful for all the lovely staff, who were so concerned for me in my predicament ( I had the baby seat - woops and noone nearby to pick me up )
  • Glad that my Sister in Law house was within my reach, and the medication allowed me to get there safely ( half an hour drive )
  • Estatic, that on my drive back I scored a couple of thrifty finds..... including an awesome chair.
  • And finally, loving that I got to spend some one on one time with my youngest boy..... even if I was feeling a wee bit poorly

Tonight after washing the nappies by hand ( washing machine broke down yesterday  )  I write this while sitting in my new favourite chair, next to Mike, watching the All Blacks vs Wallabies game... our first try just scored!
Time to get out my crochet and enjoy the rest of the game.


Sue said...Best Blogger Tips

Oh goodness vertigo is never nice to have and panic attacks are awful (suffer from them myself). Hope your feeling much better now.

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