Thursday, October 6, 2011

Olearia Finished

Finally, here is some photos of Lil Misses finished Olearia.

My hands were pretty sore by the time this was completed...
 all those Kfb's and Ktog's were the culprits,
but definately worth it in the end, for that sweet ruffled effect

This is also the first time, I have made a garment with organic wool. Its a beautiful colour and has washed up really well....
 FYI:  Purchased from Skeinz here


But my favourite part, are the buttons.... they come from my late Nana's button jar, which I received after her passing...
and one of my most cherished items
( so many memories as a child playing with those buttons )

When I showed mum the cardy, mum told me of the garment my Nana had sewn for her, and had also adorned these buttons.....
... which means when I pass this knit down to another lil girl, I will definately be swapping the buttons...... they are just too special!

  But in the meantime.....
I will enjoy seeing them everytime I dress my lil miss :)

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Casey said...Best Blogger Tips

that is such a pretty sweater!

Knitrageous said...Best Blogger Tips

Beautiful! And so special because of the connections.

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