Thursday, October 6, 2011

Loving in the past two weeks

I am doing a double week of loving this week

To start - Two weeks ago I was loving

My mum is back home safe on NZ soil, after spending 6 weeks in England with my brother, sister in law and, my little nephew.......
I loved watching the home movies,
and all the awesome places they visited...
 and I'm so jealous! My mum got to meet my best friends little bubs before me!!  

But best of all, now that mum's back.... I'm loving the freedom to call my mum anytime, anyday for a chat.

Also loving we had another catch up appointment with the cleft lip and palate team in Auckland, and we were told that we wouldn't need to be seen again for another TWO YEARS!  Yay!!!!!
This is big..... no more hospital appointments for two years!..... well for one child atleast.... YAY!! ( crossing fingers his grommets keep working )

Also love that the we were asked to use Middle B's clinical photos from a baby through to now, for a photo album that is presented to families with young babies who have clefts..... its a great resource to show the progress after surgeries over many years.

Also while up north we visited our land, and we met our neighbours, who have the land infront of us..... and they are a young family with three boys, five and under.  The neighbours at the back of us are a retired couple who have three adult boys....
 Loving this! I had worries our boistrous boys might be too loud for our neighbours....... worries are no more.. we are in good company, and both neighbours are so friendly.... can't wait to get there!

I have been loving the weather lately, and with lil miss more mobile.... I have accomplished so much gardening... I'm hoping it will be looking something like this in summer

Last love my middle B qualifying for the cross country inter school run.... and on a hot hot day we headed down the valley to the small valley school .... 
although he may have not placed for the next race, two falls (tough course) didn't stop him, he just kept on running.... he even did a roly poly down the hill, and then straight into a run again!  
He was shaking afterwards with all the
adrenalin running through his body.  
 Later he told us that he had to jump over a lamb that had wandered into their path.... nothing stopping this boy! lol x

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PaisleyJade said...Best Blogger Tips

Yay for a double week of loving!!!! Love the lamb jumping story - good on him!!

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