Saturday, October 29, 2011

Recycling and Magic in the Kitchen

I knew that one day, the gazillion amount of toilet rolls
that we go through would be put to better use .... 
 and that day has come.

I find whenever I grow my peas,  I always end up forgetting about them, then those pesky weeds grow up around them, and when it comes to the time to pull the weeds out, those delicate roots on my peas normally get pulled out too.... bummer!
Especially when your peas are at the height of flowering.....

So my solution was to plant them in toilet rolls

And I know it's self explanatory.... but just in case your'e wondering, this is what I did  .....
 I mucked around in Picnik.... amuse me :)

So far so good, no sign off weeds within the toilet roll
And with late frosts alway's threatening around these parts,
I used some more to get a head start on my beans

And what's the magic in the kitchen?

When Mike and I cook together, we end up with one tasty meal
( could have something to do with Mike being a ex chef )

Dinner last night.... hedgehog potatoes / kumara
A salad with raw asparagus, parmesan, gerkhin, lettuce and
yummy croutons.... with beef kebabs..... I just had to take a photo... yum!


Cat said...Best Blogger Tips

Dinner looks GOOD!
I've done my sweetcorn in toilet rolls this year ::)) I cut them in half so I got double the amount!
HOW do you stop slugs n snails?

Widge said...Best Blogger Tips

mouth actually watering right now

Angie said...Best Blogger Tips

That dinner looks perfect (minus the gerkhin for me) I'll try the toilet roll holder idea, although I also have a zillion seedling containers as well!

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