Friday, October 7, 2011

Denim Trousers

A while ago I thrifted a bunch of fabric for $3, and among them, was a large piece of light weight denim.

So far I've managed to make a skirt for me, a pair of shorts for one of the boys and these pair of trousers for Lil Miss.

I actually made these a couple of months ago,
but its taken me this long to take photos

The pattern is from Ottobre 1/2010 Pattern 13 Corduroy trousers, but I changed it up a bit, I chose to have an flat front and elasticated back... and I added pockets using this idea here.

The pockets gave me the opportunity to use some of the fabric scraps I won from OTLP blog here 

They have been a great addition to her wardrobe, and I will definately be making some more next winter.
The other day I took her along to the cross country event wearing this outfit, and while there, a couple of ladies started talking about her clothes and how lovely they were, blush!

Top still fits from last summer here

They then proceeded to comment on how expensive they must have been, and how silly to spend that much money on kids clothes. They were standing only a metre away, as if I couldn't hear?!  In hindsight I wish I had turned around and said,
" actually 'I' made all this, and the jeans only cost me 2 bucks! "

But as usual I always think about what I should have said when its too late.  Oh well  :)


tartankiwi said...Best Blogger Tips

Wow! They look amazing. No wonder the ladies thought they were expensive...
I am the worst for thinking about what I should've said in hindsight. So frustrating!

Miriam said...Best Blogger Tips

They look great. Next time say - oh no it doesn't cost that much when you are a desginer.... and really revel in your awesomeness!

Widge said...Best Blogger Tips

Wow her outfit really is lovely! Well done!!!

Julie said...Best Blogger Tips

Great jeans, love the pocket lining. It always amazes me how people think they can make comments like that, especially in your hearing! Good on you that you fooled them. :-)

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