Saturday, October 8, 2011

Another Show and Tell

Another sewing project photographed to share.
 After my Sew September challenge went all pear shaped see here
I've been playing catch up.

Now when it comes to clothing for Middle B, his older brother's clothes are usually too big for him, so they often get bypassed down to his younger brother, leaving him with a very scarce looking wardrobe.  

 Being the more trendy of the three, that just won't do any longer..... so on my quest to rectify this here are his new favourite pair of shorts.... that so puts a smile on my dial.

Complete with my first trouser fly......
 I unpicked that part at least 3 times.

These were supposed to be long trousers, but I didn't have enough, so 3/4's was the trade off, and he has to wear a belt with these at the moment, so they should last the summer growth spurt....
crossing fingers x

Lots of detail for a pair of shorts, but it did make for a great finish, and I learnt of lot of new things in the process.
Though I'm not sure I will be doing this for the next pair

More use of that thrifted denim

Number 25 " Ruttunen" Corduroy Pants

Will be linking to Sugar Bee Crafts Take a Look Tuesday


Miriam said...Best Blogger Tips

They look great! You have a real eye for the way fabric and details work together.

Widge said...Best Blogger Tips

They are fantastic!!!!!
It's really hard dressing older boys in lovely clothes, because in most shops they just don't exist! I love these. You should totally make to sell because my sized 6 TEN year old is a mission and a half to dress. ;)please let me know if you do ever make any to sell

Mary said...Best Blogger Tips

Howdy It's your long lost auntie here. Reading about yr. life is amazing and wonderful and I'm so grateful for it! So much to tell you but it can wait, this can't: NEVER give up on your dreams. Yes they'll shift and change and be postponed but they must never be abandoned. Your love of fashion and style and your talent for making beautiful things is a family tradition. Not unlike your killer taste. Never stop. It's not often easy but you musn't quit. Even those overlockers aren't so scary anymore. Really. xox:)

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