Monday, August 1, 2011

What a night!

And not in a good way!
I'm tired and exhausted, and had one of my babies in bed last night.... Mike was kicked out, and stumbled his way to another room, luckily the bed was still set up from our guests...
sometimes being lazy works in our favour.

Lil Miss woke up late last evening, and though usually a readjustment of her covers and retrieval of her dummy would be enough to settle her.....the bags under my eyes are a sign that it didn't end like that.
Needless to say, after many attempts of settling her, and two hours of crying... she just was not convinced.

Pulling her into our large bed, just her and me, I would have thought there was plenty of room.....

 Not so!....I woke a couple of hours later to find her asleep, like a leech attached to the side of me....
 no wonder my neck is stiff!

But out of all this, came a special moment....
I woke this morning to the sound of ' ahhhh ' and my hair being stroked, followed with a kiss on my cheek..... before madam scrambled of the bed, pitter pattered down the hall,
 to greet her brothers. 

So though I'm tired, and lil miss has already shed a few tears,
that small moment has made up for the rough night, 

Saying that, as the day progresses, I'm hoping I can still share the same positive attitude.....

from past experiences?.....

probably not!


tartankiwi said...Best Blogger Tips

You poor thing! You really are having a rough time at the moment, what with the worries from your last post and the lack of sleep from this one. That said, what a beautiful way to wake up in the morning. Cherish it! and remind yourself of it the next time that you are in the middle of a screamer of a night.

Hootnz said...Best Blogger Tips

@tartankiwi Thankyou :) I am trying hard to remind myself.... the day? so far so good.... breath in, breath out.... lol

1978rebecca said...Best Blogger Tips

That picture is fantastic!

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