Sunday, August 21, 2011

Pickled Onions

We spent our weekend taking it slow, pottering around the house cleaning, Mike started a beer brewing and we pickled onions.

Mike and I, sat there tears running down our faces, topping and tailing and skinning a large sack of small onions.....
 believe or not it was quite satisfying. 

Middle B came to investigate..... and we asked if he wanted to help.... of course money was discussed, the offer was 3cents a onion.  So with every 10 onions peeled he earnt 30c.

By the end of it all, Little J had joined in....
and we had all laughed cried, and shared stories together.....
 Middle B had earnt $2.10c and Little J... 90c.

This is something Mike and his Dad used to do, and apparently his household was famous amongst his friends for the pickled onion and cheese sandwiches

So keeping up with tradition, our kids are pretty excited about trying one once the 3 weeks is up! 

Considering they love gherkins, capers and pickled smoked chillis.... I won't be surprised if they enjoy these just as much......
so we will see!


Widge said...Best Blogger Tips

mmmmmm I loved pickled onions as a kid, My nana used to have a great stash. Never tried them in sandwiches though!

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