Thursday, August 11, 2011

Things I'm Loving this week

Loving that its Big J's first week of ski lessons with his school

I was told by teachers and mothers, that he did really well
Big J's verdict " They're lying "

my boy, always the optimist .... lol

Also loving this photo found via

Loving that my lil girl is finally in a big bed...
and in turn she has a new interest in playing with her dolls house.... also the move from the cot to bed, has been relatively pain free...
 as long as I close her door at night....
to prevent early morning mischief

Loving this impromtu music jamming session..... it all started with Mike lighting the fire in our room, then out came the guitar, followed by my flute, recorders and a harmonica

I showed Middle B how to play a flute, and surprisingly he picked it up quickly.... I remember when I was his age, 
it took me hours to make a sound. 
He's got some talent there and it needs nuturing...

Lastly loving that I got a call from Mike, to say he would pick up the kids today... yay! 

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lamina @ do a bit said...Best Blogger Tips

That's a good lot of things to love I think :) Your kids are totally gorgeous!! Life is good with kids :)

Ms. Kate said...Best Blogger Tips

What a talented little monkey you have with her flute. Very cool :)

Amy said...Best Blogger Tips

Love it! My kids have a love for jam sessions... although neither myself or hubby are musically inclined... unless you count hubby playing air guitar??

They have lots of wooden instruments and bongo drums that they regularly set up.

JuRita said...Best Blogger Tips

Love the picture you found on Pinterest. I though you had taken it at first ;)
You have a beautiful family. I love watching our kids get creative with music too. They will make instruments out of anything!
Have a lovely day!

PaisleyJade said...Best Blogger Tips

Such cute pics - and yay for smooth transitions to big beds!

Mallory said...Best Blogger Tips

That first picture is to die for!

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