Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Not the Prettiest but Practical

Lil Miss has all these pretty clothes, and alot of them I find myself reluctant to send her outside in so after reading this post 
I thought a playsuit/overall was the perfect solution.

It fits the bill, does the job.... so that's all that matters right?

Mike and I had a joke, that if it was white and had a hood.... it could pass for a medical examiners suit at a crime scene.

The pattern is the same one I used for her footed PJs here,
I guess thats why its looks more like a jumpsuit.... than overalls
I'm thinking I probably should have added a collar
then it may have looked better... maybe for the next one.

 Still so far she's had fun running around after the chickens,
playing in the mud pit our boy's made

which is now full of stones, much to Mikes frustration
when mowing the lawns

The pink fabric was not a deliberate choice.... it was actually thrifted from a cast off given to me, it was originally a adult skirt with pink tulle overlay.... I think, I'd hope, part of a costume?

The fabric feels semi waterproof, and is a lycra blend.... so it has enough stretch to fit over her clothes.... the fact that it is bright pink.... let me reiterate, definately not my first choice!


Dee said...Best Blogger Tips

good job, they look great!!
my only regret with making the overalls is that i haven't done it sooner, they are so brilliant (and save so much laundry!)


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