Thursday, August 11, 2011

Snap Wrap Plaid Dress

A number of weeks ago I made a bunch of outfits for Lil Miss

But with school holidays and general chaos, good intentions to photograph them had gone amiss....
add to that a toddler who won't co-operate....

So here is the first of that sewing frenzy....
the plaid snap wrap dress

I got the idea here and I liked the shape of this dress here

So this is my version that I drafted....
I was so happy how it turned out that I made another
( another post hopefully soon )

As shown below I sewed in a tab for attachment of the inside snap

And for the front snap,  I hid that under the ties at the side

I consulted one of my many vintage sewing books, and mitered the corners of the wrap hem...  I'm liking the professional touch.

My only wish would be, to have had more fabric.
Then I would have been able to have more flare and I could have eliminated the join below on the skirt of the dress....
can you see it? it screams out at me!

Apart from that, I love the fit... and that its a good transitional piece in her wardrobe.

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Anonymous said...Best Blogger Tips

Gorgeous little dress, I love how girls dresses can turn into a shirt once they've grown

Amy said...Best Blogger Tips

What a gorgeous little dress.

Bummer about the join in the skirt. I have had to do the same on a few dresses for Mahli, and when people commented on them saying how cute they were I brought up the join in the fabric and they said they hadn't noticed until I mentioned it... I feel it is the same with you dress. It is to adorable to notice the join in the back.

jimbillsmum said...Best Blogger Tips

Oh that dress is too cute. I love the wrap style. And I agree with Amy that people wont even notice that join. We are our own harshest critics.

OnePerfectDay said...Best Blogger Tips

It's just great!
I love that bow.

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