Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Gallery: Birth

I am joining in with The Gallery here today, to tell a story that is special to me.

When I think about the word birth, naturally my children are the first that come to my mind.

My first child came with the all the wonder,  and that, that baby sleeping beside you is actually yours!, We were now responsible for a tiny human being.

My last boy.... and all his hair, plus the relief that the birth was over, after I gave birth with his spine facing mine...ouch!

Then there was my little girl, she was met with the announcement from my longtime midwife
 " Its a girl!" Finally!

Though they were all special in their own way one birth in particular stands out from the rest....  so I back up a few years before to my second child. 

 We knew that we were expecting a baby that would differ from the rest.
There was alot of anticipation and worry surrounding the birth... we had been to many specialist visits and amongst them a 3D scan, which pictures I had examined for months before.
We had also searched the internet to arm us with as much information as possible.
 But nothing would compare to seeing him for the first time.

The day finally came, a quick labour and the birth followed... much easier than my first.
The whole birth was like a dream, low lighting in the early hours of the morning.
She handed him to me on my chest. 
I looked at my son and stared into his glary eyes, I announced " That isn't that bad !."
Maybe thats not the words you expect to say when you greet your baby for the first time, but mine were a sign of relief.  I had a image in my head that was far, far worse than what stared back before me.

My little boy was born with a unilateral cleft lip and palate, and unlike some parents, we knew what we were expecting..... but no one could prepare me for the relief of finally meeting this amazing little baby.
Though much of this was like a blur, one thing still stands out.....
I remember when everyone had left to catch up on sleep.... I sat in the room that I gave birth in, and after recieving quick lessons I fed him with a special bottle.... it was so quiet and I felt so lonely, though I had said it was okay for everyone to leave, deep inside I wished for someone to be there .. so much emotion filled me that I sat there crying, as I do now remembering that time. 
I looked down at my baby, and a sense of calm came over me.   I saw this wise old man in his face, staring at me.... it was from that moment that I knew he had already captured me, cleft and all... this innocent baby would take me on a journey that I never would have imagined, his little face would in weeks, come to grow into a amazing big smile, and months ahead I would actually mourn the loss of a his face, and the smile I had loved.

Seven years on and his cleft has long been repaired, there have been many related surgeries and many to come.  He has definately kept us on our toes and we would not change any of this for the world.

He regulary keeps us all entertained with his singing and downright loud, theatrical self..... like all my children I see great things for him in his life.....


Sue said...Best Blogger Tips

What a very special story - thank you for sharing!

makeitgiveit said...Best Blogger Tips

That is so awesome and so true once they become our little gift they are perfect and beautiful whatever the packaging. Thanks for sharing.

Julie said...Best Blogger Tips

Lovely, and so tenderly written. Thanks!

1978rebecca said...Best Blogger Tips

That is such a lovely story. It would be great for others in the same position to read it in the future. Your son sounds fantastic!

tartankiwi said...Best Blogger Tips

Thank you for sharing your moving story.
Nothing can prepare you for the fierce love that you feel for your children when you become a mother. So inspiring to hear your experiences.

Penny said...Best Blogger Tips

What a great post! Loved reading this and thanks for sharing.
Yes, would be great for you to coem to the next bloggers get together!!

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