Sunday, December 5, 2010

Were Building!

A Week ago we took a trip up to North to our land.
It had been a while, and we needed to check how long the grass was, ( luckily the farmer had put his cows on) and put some new batteries in the tracavator, so that Mike could turn the engine over.  We also wanted to look at some relocatables nearby, to see whether it was worth it...... turns out it was just what we needed to make our decision to build!

Walking through the relocatables on the lot, was depressing.... especially for Mike.... we couldn't help but think about and dread renovating again. We found one house that could have worked but for 95,000 + gst, plus add the plumbing, connections and renovating, it would have meant we may have had a nice house, but it would have not been what we are working towards.  If we had taken this option we probably would just end up moving on to another property.
Over the years we have moved houses a number of times, and this time we just want to settle.

So the decision is made, we are building yay!!!!!

We plan to do it in stages, building plans and building pad first, then frame, walls and then the trimmings.
We want to do a strawbale house, however we may have to consider adobe, because there is no building standard specifically for strawbale in NZ, so many councils make it difficult to complete this type of build, one problem being because of the plastering method on the walls.  We will have to talk to our council and find out how they feel about these type of builds, so there is alot ground work to do....

In the meanwhile I will dream about this view.....

Big Boys and there Toys!!!


Sarah of 'Catching the Magic' said...Best Blogger Tips

Super view and looks a great spot you have. Best wishes for the plans and build! I shall look forward to reading about your updates. Good on you and how exciting!

Hootnz said...Best Blogger Tips

@Sarah of 'Catching the Magic'
Thankyou, its very quiet there, all except for the birds... we have found a couple of pukekos, many fantails even a swift and quail wandering around the land.... I'm hoping we can get things moving over the holidays.

Cat said...Best Blogger Tips

*sigh* I'd be dreaming of that view too - gosh it's amazing!

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