Saturday, December 11, 2010

Sibling Fun in the Sun!

Last week when Little J was at home, we took a wander out the front of the house, where Little J showed Lil Miss the joys of picking the roses.........

Normally I would put a end to this quick smart, but the sun must be putting me in a good mood  ( all that Vitamin D I guess, plus the rose bush has fallen over ) so I grabbed the camera and documented the fun.......

Little J showing me one of his new/old fav toys, and yes he is sporting his own look, tshirt backwards and quite often his trousers/shorts aswell! lol oh and the shoes on the wrong feet too! musn't forget that.

Below is a  rare moment, he always wants to give Lil Miss hugs but more than often she screams, as if to say ' your'e crowding me!'
I'm so happy I got this picture.

This is just after he tried again! You can almost see she wasn't impressed...... poor Little J, he has so much love to give :)


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