Sunday, December 12, 2010

Lil Misschief!

My camera is definately getting a workout at the moment.

 This is the result of introducing Lil Miss to the blackboard in the boys room, and the chalk!  Also a piece of chalk made its way into the kitchen yesterday, and being the weekend, (translation: I'm lazy)  I didn't clear up, so with this latest piece of artwork, I only have myself to blame..... and I know I should have stopped her straight away, so she gets the idea that you don't draw on the floor (walls furniture etc ) but it happened admist the chaos of our school rush. 
Plus the boys had their fair share of these incidents and when asked I can only remember a handful 
 ( eg: Little J throwing all the eggs to the back of the pantry incident ) and sometimes its hard to remember which one did what, so I guess with Lil Miss I have the blog now to document all that she's getting up too... also the tiles kinda look like a giant blackboard don't they?!


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