Friday, December 31, 2010

Welcoming 2011

2011 .....

Well I have never written my news years resolution down on paper before.  Sure I have always had the usual...
Lose weight / eat more healthy
Have more patience with my kids

But when you just make these promises to yourself in your head, it is so much easier to bend or break them, don't you think?

This year hopefully will be a big year, afterall Mike and I plan to make the move up north this year.  So we will both have to be very disciplined if we are to make our plans to come to fruition.

So I am documenting it this time, my record....

  1. Back on to a budget, which includes baking more for the kids lunches and not falling short the night before and having to send Mike out down to the very expensive Four Square.
  2. Cleaning the Kitchen after dinner, instead of leaving it to the next morning.  If I do it at night I can rope Mike in to help, and then I avoid feeling bitter about doing it by myself the following morning
  3. Sticking to my house schedule.  Last time it was written up, we lasted about two weeks... this time it is even more important, since Little J starts school this year and there will be three lots of homework!
  4. Start reading books at night to the kids again! Most important... we always did this, but we found it hard to keep up, again because of the homework.
  5. Of course, I have to mention.... excercise more! no excuses this time with all the boys at school this year and only Lil Miss and I at home.
  6. Stop procrastinating on the business accounts, remember it only makes you feel worse when you leave it to pile up!!!
  7. More Mike and me time.  Mum gave Mike and I a night off last time we visited her and it was wonderful!
Now I could make many more new year resolutions, such as fold the laundry and put away immediately.
But I can't have too many or I will never be able to honour them all, so I'm keeping it simple and lets see how I go..............

While I write this, I am reminded by the giggles of my kids in the background ( movie night ) of why I wrote these personal vows, because afterall happy me makes for a happy family.

 Fishing with the boys at Russell, our first family holiday.... hopefully more fun times like this to come.


Cat said...Best Blogger Tips

My Mr B has a saying "a happy wife = a happy life" I think it is very true - happy Mum = happy family

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