Monday, December 6, 2010


Little J and I had a great time today making sugar cookies!

A while ago we got a dog cookie cutter in return for donating to the
Guide dog society, but its the first time we have used it.

Little J had great fun creating and tasting the samples.

We left some dough for the older boys when they got home so that they didn't miss out..... smiles on everyones faces, including mine.

It was a great afternoon, but not for long.......
After cleaning up I went to look for Lil Miss.
She was enjoying a splash in the toilet...... YUK!!!!
( her favourite pass time at the moment )
So the chaos began, I rushed her to the shower.... washed her down, in the my panic I forgot the towel, rushed out for one of those, while passing the back window I saw a chook out in my garden, I went in for a closer inspection and found all of the chooks out enjoying my lush green veges..... ahhhhh panic! Back to Lil Miss, draped her in a towel, gave her some keys, grabbed some bread and rushed outside to herd to chickens back into the coop!..... back inside to lil miss where I found her thouroughly happy to be prancing around in her birthday suit!!!


I have linked up to Buttons by lou lou - at my house


Sarah said...Best Blogger Tips

Digging the sparkly collars on the dog cookies! And ahhh with the chooks and toilet incident at the same time - always happens like that hey!

Hootnz said...Best Blogger Tips

thanks, yeah they look pretty cool in the cookie jar at the moment, although that won't last long.... as for the chooks/toilet fiasco! yiP! always the way

Buttons by Lou Lou said...Best Blogger Tips

I also love the collars on the dogs - very cute! I can imagine they won't last long.

Oh the joys of children and animals - nothing is simple, is it?


Hootnz said...Best Blogger Tips

Thanks Lou, we are treating the biscuits as treats amongst all the cookies, so heres hoping they may last the week.....

Kylie said...Best Blogger Tips

Cut cookies:) ahh the joys of children and toilets:) Hope that the chickens went back in without too much fuss.

Maxabella said...Best Blogger Tips

Reading your post was like watching one of those old school 'hijinks' movies. So fun (bet it wasn't though!) Your puppy dog cookies are so cute!! x

Hootnz said...Best Blogger Tips

Hi Kylie, a bit of bread seems to do the trick with the chooks, so most of them were easy, although there is always one stray to chase :)

Maxabella, I'm glad you found it entertaining... your'e right it wasn't at the time, but this post gave me the opportunity to see the funny side! lol

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