Monday, December 13, 2010

Start them young I say!

My nearly five year old, Little J suddenly out of the blue, decided he wanted to wash the dishes. 
(Yes we do have a dishwasher).......I thought about my childhood and how I used to stand at the sink and enjoy playing in the bubbles more than washing the dishes, so why not?

While I was taking a few pics for this post, we had a little conversation as follows:

Little J: Do you know why I am a good disher?
Me: Why?
Little J: Because you make the dirty dishes, and I say ( he said this in his special big man voice )" mom do you need the dirty dishes clean?" and you say " yes " I say okay!
Me: oh! ( walks away and chuckles )

Who knew it would end up being a lesson in proper dishwashing etiquette
( I know sounds snooty eh! )
But I found that when Mike and I shacked up together there was definately a difference in what we both thought was the right way to washing our dishes.
Naturally I passed on my version; eg
  • dishwashing soap ( vs sunlight soap bar ),
  •  washing and then rinsing with fresh water ( vs not )
  • and then stacking the dishes to leave to dry ( vs second person drying and never leaving dishes out to dry )

I thought, as I was writing, yes it is a boring, but this is a life skill, afterall I actually remember being taught in home economics at school, what order to wash your dishes in.....
so now when he's flatting or living in domestic bliss he will know the proper way to wash the dishes.....when the dishwasher is on the blink that is! :)

Finally his last question : "Mum, do I get money for doing this?"   hmmmmn

Dont worry he got some money on his chart I just had to add this photo!

Next... the vacumning.


Mon said...Best Blogger Tips

Laura! Yes of course I remember you! In fact I've seen your mum quite a lot this year as I've used the Belmont Pharmacy to get all my fun drugs from during chemo. I've heard all about you and how your little brood is from her. I'm so excited you blog so I can catch up with you! Yay!

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