Wednesday, December 29, 2010

One Year in the Making

Well technically over a year...
Lil Misses Cot Quilt is finally finished.... yay!!!!

I did finish the quilt top in the last week before Lil Miss arrived. 
 But I was heavily pregnant and my mum had to help me prepare it ready for quilting ( thanks Mum ) even while sewing the border together, it actually brought on contractions..... so its been a long time before I picked it up again to finish.

I really enjoyed the hand sewing of the centre block, especially the birds.

As for the quilting, that took the longest, because as usual I decided to makes things more elaborate, than it really needed to be, but I'm happy with it anyway....

I got the pattern from Australian Homespun, and though I searched everywhere for it, I can't say who designed this... sorry.

I will be linking this to Tea Rose Home Wednesdays Link Party


Elizabeth Newton said...Best Blogger Tips

Your One Tree Hill quilt looks fabulous. Please contact us if you'd like it to be considered for our Readers' Showcase pages.
Elizabeth Newton
Deputy Editor, Homepsun

Hootnz said...Best Blogger Tips

@Elizabeth Newton Hi Elizabeth, thankyou very much, and yes I would love to be considered. Please let me know what I need to do for this to happen.
Thanks :)

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