Sunday, October 24, 2010

So Much to do and not enough time!

There is so much that I wanted to finish and start this week.  But as usual it didn't all go to plan.....

My wish list for this week:

  • Take part in the Sadie Shirt Sew Along
  • Make a Sunhat for Lil Miss
  • Start drafting a skirt pattern for me
  • Finish the quilt I started for lil miss over a year ago ( so close to finishing )

What I did start and finish:

  • Cot Pillow
  • Stenciled Shirts for the boys
  • My Lush and Lacy Cardigan
  • Lil Misses Confection Shrug
  • Soaking up the sunshine
  • Cutting the old berries canes down and tying up the new ones
  • Sewing pea seeds in the kids garden ( with help of course )
  • Enjoying Sunday with the kids in our nearest city

So I guess when you add up the list of what I have done it is not all that bad.

But...... yes there is always a but... there is always so many things I would like to do and not enough time!
I know that I shouldn 't be so hard on myself, but sometimes I wish I could have a whole week just for crafting!
Mind you that said, I would probably waste it with sleeping in, searching the internet at other peolples creations and procrastinating. 
Really to be fair since starting blogging I have done quite alot more craft than I normally do.
So the plan worked, this blog has made me get of my butt and do things, other than the usual routine. (did I say routine, more like chaos )

So the only pics I have today are of the Confection Baby Shrug ( you can find the pattern on )
This was so quick, and I love a quick satisfying knit - Two evenings and it was done.

I used Wool that I bought from Skeinz, it was called wind in the willows and is a angora/wool mix - if you haven't visited her online shop - do! affordable and good quality wool.

I bribed her with a biscuit, to make her stay still - just for a few moments!

She wore this shrug on Sunday at the park with a little dress, it looked even better, wish I had thought to bring my camera, because I could have got some great shots of the kids! Always the way......

Whats planned for today....... who knows?


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