Friday, October 8, 2010

Hello My name is Laura

Well, where do I start?  Hi there I am finally biting the bullet and making my first post thanks to a lovely post from  At second street Here.  What was I waiting for really?

Well as you can see from my profile I am a mother of four, (repeating myself ) but maybe I should give you more of a history to that.

Well my other half Mike and I met when I was 17,  and he was 23, at the workplace. 
He was the head chef, and I, a waitress. 
Basically to cut a very long long story short ( might save for another post ) we have spent many eventful years together since then. 

We have had many trying and happy times since then.
We sold our house in the big city and moved to the wop wops where we both wished to have a more relaxed pace of life away from all the city buzz and traffic jams.

When we moved from Auckland, we were new parents to our 3 month old son. The idea was to build a strawbale house on the land we purchased in the middle of the north island  However as things often do, it didn't happen as planned. 
Instead we ended up stopping over at Mikes parents for just under a year until we could get on our feet.  
So after that stop over we finally made the move closer to land, allbeit a couple of 100 metres down the road in town.  Where we lived out the back of the business that we started in our small rural town. 
So living in the back of work in a very cramped space, just enough for a bed and then a small kitchenette where at night we would put our 1 year old sons cot,  I found myself pregnant with our second son.

Then that was when life got really hectic.  After my 20 week scan we found out that our second son had a cleft lip and palate.  Being in a rural town, there wasn't much help given in explaining what would happen.  So therefore we searched the internet  Not always a good thing.
But since then we have had so much help from the cleft lip and palate team at Middlemore hospital, where our not so little boy now, has been through many surgeries, some big, some small and countless health appointments.    It was a scary time then but I feel I have come out for the better.

During all of this we had another boy, which meant the tally was, 3 under 3 and half years, so needless to say it was busy and hasn't changed much since then.   We also recently had our first little girl ( such a change ).  Which takes us to four, although I gave my body a bit of rest this time around.  Lovely addition for all of us and the boys adore her, so cute

As for the land and the strawbale house, that hasn't quite happened (yet!).  We have since sold that piece of dirt, bought a few houses and sold a few, and now have recently purchased a new piece of land six hours away, and warmer.
Our aim now is to build that elusive strawbale house there and move a family for that quieter life, that we haven't quite managed as yet.  Oh and did I mention get married finally after a 9 year engagement!

Wow that was long! Thankyou and sorry if you managed to get this far!  I promise posts will be fewer words and more pictures next time!!  Did I mention I love to craft?


Anonymous said...Best Blogger Tips

SO excited to find your blog, I'm a bit of a novice at craft but share your dream in building a straw bale house on the road to a self - sustaining lifestyle :D We're a few years off yet, DH is heading back to uni for a bit, but I'm exited :)I've started the idea collecting bit lol.

Anyways, I can't wait to watch what happens next, best of luck!

Hootnz said...Best Blogger Tips

Hey cool, that's great that you are wanting to build one too! We're maybe a year off yet, as we have to sell a business and house to make it happen. We spent most of our money on the 5 acres. I will probably have more to post about it closer to summer as thats when we can start moving dirt. Now Mike and I just have to agree on the design. :)

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