Friday, October 15, 2010

Holey Pants

Lil Misses pants have been getting holes in them, around the knees.

  The above pair are my favourite, but they look worse when worn and I can no longer use them
 (I might have to cut them off above the knee to fix these ones because I really do like them)

So I decided to make my own.

I had some help with my photo shoot!

I figured if your'e going to make your own, then, why not customise?

My lil miss has quite a big belly, and it makes me cringe when I see pants digging into it Youch!

So I decided to make pants with ribbing waistbands.

Now they look comfy!

Basically I just made my leggings as normal, and instead of making a casing for the elastic at the top, I added doubled over knit ribbing.

To do this I made the ribbing measure 1 1/2 inches shorter than the width of the pants waist ( to allow for stretch )
Then I sewed together along the side to create a tube.

Then I doubled the ribbing over and sewed the raw edges to the leggings waist, matching my seam to the back pants seam.

So that the pants didn't stretch out over time I added 1/4 inch elastic to the waist seam.

Measure your childs waist,  cut elastic to measurement.
Sew two ends together, then sew using a large zig zag stitch on to the seam as shown. 

Stretch as you sew.  You may want to pin to four equal points before you sew.

And there you have it comfortable pants/leggings!

Lil Miss helping clean my laptop, she loves cleaning!


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