Monday, October 18, 2010

My Arty Farty Lil Miss

Well it's official....

my lil miss is arty farty like her mama and papa!

How do I know this?

Because I'm her mom of course!
And she loves loves drawing.
(  just like her very artistic eldest brother )

She started a month ago, she started to pick up pens and pencils
and I was amazed at how well she held them in her hand.

Since then we find her with pencils trying to draw on everything!
Here we go again

But she goes crazy for pencils, pens anything that draws.

Then one day Middle B walks in with his Aqua doodle
( a birthday present for him, to encourage him not to write on walls )

He suggested that lil miss may like to play with it
( afterall he had hardly used it - and it didn't deter him from leaving his signature on the walls, funny how kids do that and then deny it was them -  when there name is clearly written on the wall - ha ha )

It was perfect, and Mike and I had never seen her get so excited
she was bouncing around the mat, bum in air, lying down to scribble on the mat

( for those who don't know a Aqua doodle, it is a mat that when water touches it, it leaves a mark, then once dry the drawing disappears )

So after losing the pen for a couple of weeks, we found it.
So she was having lots of fun today - although she stills like to draw on anything she can

 Oh she is too cute

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